Kmart's $89 coffee maker gets rave reviews: 'Better than a cafe!'

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A Kmart coffee machine that has been officially voted a superior product to high-end dupes is still making waves among shoppers who are delightedly discovering it for the first time.

Kmart’s $89 Coffee Machine was earlier this year found to beat a $949 competitor amongst others on flavour in a Choice product review test, and now shoppers are singing it’s praises in rave online reviews.

Kmart $89 Anko coffee machine rave reviews on Facebook
Mum Amanda coulsn't contain her love for the very photogenic machine. Photo: Supplied

The budget buy comes ‘highly recommended’ by one mum, Amanda, who shared a snap of her machine in action to Facebook.

Amanda wrote the machine served up better coffee than a cafe, and the snap seemed to back up her assertion.

“This coffee machine is amazing!!” she wrote. “Same results as a cafe coffee can not believe I waited this long to buy one.”

A photo showing a very professional looking cup of joe had other fans of Kmart flooding the comments.

“I use mine every day love it,” one wrote.

“I’m obsessed with mine,” another agreed.

Amanda ‘highly recommended’ the caffeine dispenser, but not everyone is such a fan.


Some say machine not worth the $89

Kmart Coffee machine Anko $89 Choice review doesn't recommend but beats high-end rival
Not everyone is giving the machine two thumbs up. Photo: Kmart

The same Choice product review that tested the brand found a few issues, mainly that the machine is lacking a few features including no coffee grinder, milk jug or separate tamper as well as a less sturdy make.

Some users echoed the findings, writing that they were less than impressed with the machine.

“I loved the look of this and bought one but unfortunately had to take it back every coffee tasted like burnt plastic,” one wrote.

It seems to be a rare reaction indeed, however, with most agreed that the machine is well worth a purchase.

“Love this coffee machine,” one wrote. “Makes some delicious coffee.”

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