'I need this': The $4 Kmart buy that will transform your morning

Penny Burfitt
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A Kmart buy is being praised as a morning routine revolution, after fans of the budget retailer shared a genius use for it on social media.

A very simple-looking storage number, the $4 Breakfast To Go Container seems to live up to its name and beyond, being touted as a sure-fire way to optimise your time in the mad dash of the morning for less than the cost of a large coffee.

Kmart yoghurt muesli Breakfast To Go Container $4
These Kmart breakfast holders are causing a stir online. Photo: Kmart

Shared to a Kmart Facebook page, the simple container was shown holding the perfect on-the-go muesli serve for the busy commuter.

“Great way to have breakfast on the go and only $4.00 each,” a big fan of the buy wrote alongside the snap which has since blown up on Facebook, attracting thousands of likes and more than 500 comments.


The nifty contraction comes with two separate sealed sections – a large base and an extra area that sits over the lid.

Kmart's $4 Breakfast On The Go Container cult buy Facebook goes viral
The handy $4 buy is set to change to way you brekkie. Photo: Kmart

This means the product can house your milk and oats, yoghurt and granola or coco pops and choccie milk if that’s more your flavour, at the same time.

Complete with a cute pint-sized spoon and it’s budget-friendly price tag the item unsurprisingly became something of a smash hit among jealous shoppers in record time.

Shopper lose it over ‘must-have’ Kmart container

Kmart Breakfast To Go Container four parts shows lid, two containers spoon
The nfity number from Kmart is a four-piece set that allows for two seperate storage compartment for your brekkie. Photo: Kmart

“Exactly what I have been looking for...” one thrilled bargain hunter wrote. “Should of known Kmart would have the goods!”

“These are so cool,” another admired.

“Omg I need this for me,” one woman declared.

Others let their wallets do the talking, forgoing small talk to get straight to the cashpoint.

“Shut up and take my money,” one such shopper wrote.

Image of Kmart Australia store, budget hunters love the homeware budget cult buys
Kmart is a regular winner with budget hunters thanks to it's cult-status homeware buys.

It’s far from the first time a cracker Kmart item has wowed shoppers, the store regularly wins their shoppers’ loyalty with cult-hit items that become must-haves for modern homemakers eager to sniff out a bargain.

One such buy that blew up recently was their outdoor furniture set that turned heads with it’s $229 price tag on four chic rattan-look items including a two-seater sofa, pair of chairs and a black coffee table.

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