The $25 Kmart product people are going wild for: 'OMG I want them!'

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With millions of people around Australia spending a lot more time at home than they normally would in the past year, many are turning their hand to DIY around the house.

From upcycling furniture to renovating the kitchen, there’s always something that needs to be done.

Self adhesive tiles from Kmart
Self adhesive tiles from Kmart are causing a stir online. Photo: Facebook

Now, a product from Kmart is making waves online with DIYers and looking at some of the before and after pictures, it’s clear to see why.

The product in question is a $25 pack of five self adhesive 3D tiles that come in a range of different styles, including subway white and mosaic.


According to the Kmart website, the adhesive tiles are resistant to water, oil, high temperatures and mildew.

“As long as dust is wiped off during installation, these tiles can be used in your kitchen or bathroom,” the description reads.

Kmart adhesive tiles
At $25 for a pack of five, people are loving the product. Photo: Facebook

Since photos of the adhesive tiles were posted to a Facebook group, people have gone wild for the product, with one person simply saying: “OMG I want them.”

“I need this in my life,” another person said, with one person writing: “Judging by all these comments, it'll be out of stock in the next 24hrs, 100%”

A Kmart employee took to the group, warning people that they are new to the store, and to “give them time to get the stock”.

before kitchen tiles makeover
One woman posted her before photo. Photo: Facebook
Kmart self adhesive tiles
This is after she used the self ashesive tiles. Photo: Facebook

Others posted their own transformation photos after using the tiles, with one person writing: “I just done mine yesterday and love how it's turned out, so much lighter and brighter then before.”

The woman said it cost her $150 to tile her kitchen splashback after using six packets of the adhesive tiles.

She also said they are “super sticky” and you “just have to make sure to clean the surface properly as per instructions”.

Woman's bathroom tile transformation
Another person posted their bathroom transformation. Photo: Facebook
self adhesive tiles in laundry
This person used the self adhesive tiles in her laundry. Photo: Facebook

People responded telling the woman her new kitchen looks “incredible” however one women warned: “It looks good, however I’m going to be a Karen! Just be mindful for those with gas stoves that putting it as a splashback might not be fire resistant.”

As the original poster pointed out (and is stated on the Kmart website), the adhesive tiles are water resistant “but it is always best to be careful”.

“I’ve tried them and have them on my kitchen as a splashback. They fine from far but not nearly as good as the real ones but don’t look too close,” another person said.

Others were curious about how the adhesive tiles would work in a rental property and if they would be easy to remove once they were ready to move out.

“I got some and needed to pull one of the sheets off to straighten it up and it peeled the paint off my wall, “ one person wrote. “But they do look nice and the white subway ones feel soooo nice when they’re on properly”.

If you can't get your hands on the Kmart self-adhesive tiles, we've scoured the internet for some others online.

10" X 10" Subway White Tile Self Adhesive Kitchen Bathroom Backsplash


Peel and Stick Tile 12" X 12"

Peel and Stick Tile

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