Coles worker reveals secret Hot Roast Chicken ingredient on TikTok

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A Coles supermarket worker has revealed a secret behind the iconic Hot Roast Chickens, sharing a series of videos on TikTok showing how they are made in store.

And apparently it all comes down to the generous sprinkle of “seasoning” to the raw chickens as they’re being prepared and then again before they are placed in the oven.

coles worker roast chicken tiktok
A Coles worker shared some behind the scenes clips. Photo: TikTok

"We place the chickens on the racks and season them so they’re nice and crispy," she said.

While the clips gave a great insight into how the roast chickens were prepared in store, it seems she may have given away a little too much, with some of the clips since being deleted from her account.


In the one remaining clip, the worker the worker can be seen getting the chickens out of the oven after they've been left to cook for an hour and 15 minutes before being removed.

And then oven is set to a “self-clean mode”.

coles supermarket
The Coles roast chickens are a popular buy. Photo: Getty

In the post’s comments, she added: "Apparently other stores don’t even season them."

The roast chickens are a popular buy at most supermarkets, and a few years ago, a Coles roast chicken hack also went viral online.

A shopper discovered there was a sign posted by the chickens in the supermarket that read ‘if you’ve missed out on a Coles hot roast chicken from 11am until close your next one is FREE’

After discovering this amazing hack she shared the news along with some photos on Facebook.

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