Kmart appliance panned by critics calling it 'the worst' they've tested

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Kmart has provided Aussie shoppers with a bevvy of cult buys — case in point: the highly sought after Egg Chair — but it appears that not all of the discount retailer’s products are created equal.

The experts at CHOICE have dubbed one of Kmart’s heaters “the worst heater we've tested since 2014” — giving it a measly overall score of just 45 per cent, which isn’t even a pass.

Kmart's new DL03L convection heater (left) has received an ever worse CHOICE review than last year's HD904-11 oil heater. Photo: CHOICE (supplied).

While the unit in question, Anko’s DL03L convection heater, did manage to heat the test room by five degrees in under ten minutes, its thermostat performance and ease of use left reviewers unimpressed.

At $59, the DL03L is one of the cheapest heaters on the market but CHOICE’s director of testing and reviews, Matthew Steen, argued that a low price shouldn’t be an excuse for low performance.

“Several models from other brands cost only a dollar more and scored a lot better in our reviews,” he stated.

‘Frosty fail’

This year’s ‘frosty fail’ from Kmart follows the lacklustre 2019 CHOICE review of another heater from the popular bargain chain, the $55 HD904-11 oil heater.

The unit was so slow to warm up the test room — it took an hour to up the temperature by five degrees — it copped a score of 48 per cent and landed in shared last place.

Mr Steen called Kmart’s two-year losing streak ‘disappointing’ and pointed out that the new DL03L convection heater not only costs more but actually ‘sets the bar even lower’ than its predecessor.

Not that it’s all testing fails and poor reviews for Kmart — their affordable coffee machines and $13 frypans were highly rated by CHOICE and shoppers alike.

A Kmart spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“While we are disappointed with Choice’s findings about our Convection Heater with Timer, our product ranging decisions are largely based on customer feedback and sentiment. Each season our teams have an opportunity to review product ranges, identify what products customers are responding well too and then apply learnings to the new season. This process is ever evolving and we welcome all forms of feedback, so that we can continue to improve our product offer.

“We’re committed to providing our Kmart customers with great quality products and have a wide range of heaters available to suit different spaces and rooms. These include fan, radiant, convection, ceramic and oil heat types, which are suitable for different spaces and areas of the home. We encourage customers to visit our ‘Heater Buying Guide’ online for more information, so that they can choose the product that best suits their home and lifestyle.”

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