Kmart $9 bathroom buy divides: 'I wouldn't'

The woman's followers were quick to say they preferred her original set up

A woman’s $9 Kmart organising hack has unexpectedly divided opinions online; while her intention was to highlight her new, simplified, shelving system for upgrading bathroom storage, the majority of followers actually preferred her original set-up and didn't hold back in saying so.

Taking to TikTok, the woman shared her revamped bathroom space using newly purchased clear shelves from Kmart.

While the woman was happy with the outcome, many followers preferred the storage box she was using prior to installing the shelvess. Photo: TikTok/@living_an_organised_life
While the woman was happy with the outcome, many followers preferred the storage box she was using prior to installing the shelves. Photo: TikTok/@living_an_organised_life

"Guys I think I've found my favourite new organising products," she says, before revealing two transparent skincare shelves sourced from the discount store. She goes on to explain how she plans to install them in her ensuite, replacing a “bulkier” unit she's used for years.

The installation process involves assembling the shelves and affixing them to the wall using adhesive backing.


She gauges the proper distance between the shelves using an existing skincare product and advises waiting for 24 hours before placing any weight on the shelves, which she estimates can hold about 3kg each.

With the shelves in place, she arranges skincare items, makeup products, perfume, and her husband's aftershave, admiring the outcome, "I think this looks so much better, it gives us bench space back and looks so much cleaner and neater."

Kmart clear shelving set up in bathroom
The woman explained how she installed her new Kmart transparent shelving. Photo: TikTok/@living_an_organised_life

However, people were quick to comment primarily on the original makeup case prominently displayed on her bench top.

"That chunky bulky unit was sooo cute!!" chimed in one person immediately, echoing the sentiments of many others.

Another follower emphatically stated, "NO, I LOVE THE CHUNKY ONE!"

Although the woman attempted to guide the discussion back to the benefits the new shelving, her followers remained steadfast.

"Where'd you get the chunky one?" queried one person, and someone else even ventured to ask if it was up for sale.

A practical point was raised by another commenter, highlighting the convenience of the original setup: "I like the first one because it's much easier for cleaning and dusting." Many agreed, with some even expressing scepticism about adhesive shelving generally and its ability to hold delicate items safely.

"Sticky back things never last for me, no matter what I do," lamented one person, finding common ground with another who asked, "am I the only one I don't trust the sticky backs, always fall off?"

"Summer is the enemy of adhesive …I wouldn’t put your perfumes on there," advised another follower.

Someone else even went so far as to suggest abandoning both concepts in favour of storing items in a cupboard. The woman, however, defended her preference for having skincare and makeup within arms reach.

Despite the differing opinions, the woman stood her ground, acknowledging that while she liked the original storage unit, she still preferred the new look.

"The chunky one was nice, but took up lots of bench space," she concluded.

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