Kmart shoppers go wild over new $29 dupe of $109 Oodie

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Shoppers went wild last year when Kmart dropped a knockoff version of the Oodie for a fraction of the price.

While not quite as fluffy as the original - and insanely popular - Oodie, the Kmart dupe quickly picked up its own cult following thanks to its $29 price tag, which is significantly cheaper than the $109 you have to invest in an actual Oodie.

Unfortunately, the Kmart version was here for a good time not a long time, and was taken off shelves before many could get their hands on it, but now it’s back - and in a new and upgraded form.

Woman wears Kmart dupe of the Oodie in a sloth print
The $29 Kmart dupe of the Oodie is back! This year, there are three prints including this cute sloth one. Photo: Kmart

The 2022 version of the Kmart Pull Over Gown is still only $29, and is made of a soft, borg fleece fabric which is lined on the inside with a fluffier fleece.

It’s a little shorter than last year’s design and finishes just above the knee instead of mid-calf as it previously did, but it now comes in three different prints; a blue floral design, a pink sloth print, and a simple midnight black colour.

Just like the Oodie, it’s an oversized fit and has a kangaroo pocket in the front and, of course, a hood at the back.

How does the Kmart version compare to the Oodie

While they do look similar from the outside, the main difference is that the Kmart version is a fair bit thinner than the Oodie. It's more of a cosy, oversized hoodie rather than a ‘wearable blanket’ as the Oodie markets itself to be.

Woman wears sloth print Oodie
The original Oodie is much thicker and is more like a wearable blanket. Many designs, like this sloth one, are currently on sale for $79. Photo: Oodie

It's also sold as a women’s sleepwear item whereas the Oodie is unisex. Unfortunately, Kmart does not yet have a specific men’s version, but there is a children’s version that’s a poncho-shaped design made of the same material.

The other main difference - beside the price of course - is the range of prints. Oodie has dozens of different designs including ones with characters from Harry Potter, The Mandalorian and Frozen. Interestingly, the most popular prints remain the koala, the avocado and the sloth - all of which are currently on sale for $79.


A couple of TikTok videos have already been shared about the new Kmart Pull Over Gown, with users encouraging people to “run to Kmart” to get one.

The comments have been mixed, and while many people are gushing over how much they love the sloth print and can't wait to snap it up, some are questioning the quality of the product.

a man wearing the espresso martini Oodie
The Oodie is unisex and comes in dozens of different prints, like this espresso martini one, whereas the Kmart version is currently only available for women and as a poncho for kids. Photo: Oodie

“It’s great for a budget but nothing beats my Oodie, worth every dollar,” one person wrote.

“They aren’t even close to the real ones but yeah they are cute (I have a real one, my brother has the Kmart one, so I know the difference),” another said, while a third commented, “I’d rather the real thing.”

Others were thrilled with their purchase saying, “I got this knockoff version of an Oodie yesterday and it’s awesome and really warm. I was so surprised. I love it.”

“They are so comfortable,” and “I’ve got it, so soft and warm,” were other comments.

Woman wears Kmart knockoff of the oodie
Last year, the Kmart Pull Over Gown was 3/4 length and became an instant cult buy. Photo: Kmart

Other cheap Oodie dupes

Many people also noted that there are now hundreds of different versions of the Oodie available on the market, at just about every different quality and price point.

Every brand will have their own name for the product but many are known as either 'oversized hoodies' or 'hooded blankets'.

Here are a selection of some of the other cheaper Oodie alternatives out there:

Big W oversized hoodie: $35

This Oodie dupe from Big W is only $35 and it comes in a few different prints and tie dye patterns. There’s also a kids version.

Woman wears purple tie dye Oodie dupe from Big W
Big W's oversized hoodie. Photo: Big W

Cotton On snuggle oversized hoodie: $70

The Cotton On version is called a ‘snuggle oversized hoodie’ and comes in women’s, men’s and kids sizes for $70 or as little as $30 on sale.

Woman wears checkered Cotton On oodie knockoff
Cotton On snuggle oversized hoodie. Photo: Cotton On

The Comfy: $60

This American design is actually the very first hooded blanket to hit the market back in 2017. The Comfy comes in a few different block colours and you can grab one from Amazon Australia for $60.

Woman wears The Comfy hooded blanket in grey
The Comfy hooded blanket. Photo: Amazon Australia

Adairs hooded blanket: $90

The Adairs knockoff is a little more expensive at $90, or $68 on sale, but is still quite a bit thinner than the Oodie.

Woman wears The Adairs Oodie knockoff with dog print
The Adairs hooded blanket. Photo: Adairs

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