Kim Kardashian unrecognisable in candid new video: 'Radiant'

Some claimed the 42-year-old did not look like herself.

Kim Kardashian has shocked fans with a rare video on TikTok of herself completely makeup free.

The reality star, who usually dons a full face of foundation and contour, looked relaxed as she sported a scooped white tank top and boyfriend jeans.

Her natural look was framed by her long, dark, wavy hair which tumbled down her shoulders.

In the video, she pats her face with a product from her skincare range SKKN BY KIM before making herself a Nespresso coffee.

Kim Kardashian with a full face of make-up (left) and her showing her natural state (right).
Kim Kardashian looked unrecognisable as she went makeup-free in the new video. Source: TikTok

"Good morning everybody," a sound over her TikTok says.

"Did you know if you replace your morning cup of coffee with a nice hot cup of green tea, that you can lose up to 87 per cent of the f***ing little joy you have left in this life."

Fans flocked to the comments on her video to compliment the star on her natural beauty.

"We love a celebrity in human form," one wrote.

"It's the glowing skin for me," another praised the star.

"I didn't recognise you," a third added, while a fan commented: "She's actually so pretty."


Another praised the 42-year-old for her ageless beauty.

"She looks like she's in her late 20s ... I don't know how she does it OMG," the comment read.

"I love this Kim, you look so radiant," a fan added.

Kim brutally mocked over two-hour Harvard speech

The TikTok comes days after the star was roasted by fans for a speech she made about her multi-million dollar company SKIMS.

Appearing with her business partner Jens Grede at Harvard Business School, the star discussed the success of her shapewear brand to inspire current students.

While some students said they were honoured to learn from the businesswoman, many people mocked the star on social media.

“Out of all the smart people in the world and Harvard gets this woman that can’t put together a coherent sentence in person. YIKES,” one person wrote.


“Did your speech start with, 'I started with more recourses at my disposal than 99.999% of Americans?' Great company, however, let’s be honest. It’s a hell of a lot easier for you to start a Fortune 500 company than the middle-class American and it has nothing to do with hard work,” another commented passionately.

However, students that attended the lecture found it interesting and said they ‘learned a lot’.

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