Kim Kardashian slammed over see-through bikini snap: 'Desperate'

Kim Kardashian shocked fans on Tuesday when she posted a set of photos on Instagram wearing a very revealing bikini. The star posed in a skimpy white number while frolicking in the sea, causing her two-piece to become see-through due to the water.

In the second snap, the reality TV star is seen on her knees while bending backwards in a sultry pose. After using her social media post to provide a “life tip” for fans, she was quickly slammed in the comment section.

Kim Kardashian pouts towards the camera in a white bikini top
Kim Kardashian showed off her body in a skimpy see-through bikini. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

“Life tip-do you,” Kim advised fans in the caption.

Her advice prompted an outpouring of snarky responses from people on social media.

“Despicable we don’t need life tips from you,” one person fired out.

“Kim, love ya but this caption is very 2012,” another added.


“I love having life tips from non self made billionaires lmao,” another quipped.

Two photos of Kim Kardashian posing in the sea on the beach in a see-through white bikini
People weren't happy with Kim's racy snaps. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

People also declared that they were sick of seeing these type of “desperate” shots of Kim.

“Go away already everyone is so tired of you,” a fan complained.

“Here we go. Naked again,” another commented on the post.

“Trying to stay relevant?” a third asked.

“Kim do you ever go to the beach just to enjoy it or only take photos?” another said.

Others pointed out that Kim’s snaps looked “photoshopped”, something she has been accused of before.

Kim Kardashian with brunette hair poses on a beach in a g-string bikini
The star has been called out in the past for editing her social media photos. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

Subtle detail in Kim’s bikini snap

Earlier this year, a photo of the star wearing a g-string swimsuit went viral for being “edited”.

"Left hip is absolutely edited," one eagle-eyed fan pointed out.

Others agreed, with one also suggesting she had also edited other parts of her body.

"Yes, the line is bumpy," one commented.


"OK now show us an unedited pic," another said.

"Babes the photoshop is noticeable," a third claimed.

Somebody else claimed the image almost looked "cartoonist".

"Like c'mon Kim," they added.

"The editing is getting sloppy, we can see it now," another stated.

"Photoshopped to the maximum level. Shaking my head," a fan also commented.

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