Kim Kardashian's see-through dress divides: 'Grandma's curtains'

Kim Kardashian has divided fans after stepping out in a daring look for her 42nd birthday.

The reality TV star sported a sheer white Dolce and Gabbana dress, showing off the black lingerie she wore underneath.

Kim Kardashian with platinum blonde hair
Kim Kardashian divided fans with her racy outfit. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

She posted a selection of photos of the event to Instagram and wrote: “Happy Birthday to me”.

The strapless floor-length gown accentuated her curvy figure and drew attention to her high-waisted underwear. Kim opted for strappy white heels that wrapped up around her calves, and accessorised with a tiny glittering bag.


She wore her platinum blonde hair loose around her face, and finished her look off with a small cross necklace.

The fashion designer celebrated with an elaborate dinner with her famous family and close friends. The restaurant looked incredible, with a long row of candles down the middle of the rectangle table and draped fabric hanging from the roof.

L: Kim Kardashian in white lace dress with black lingerie underneath. R: Kim Kardashian by a car, holding a small bag and wearing a white see through dress with black lingerie underneath.
Not everybody was on board with her sheer lace dress. Photo: Instagram/kimkardashian

The reaction she received on Instagram was split, with many praising the mum-of-four.

“Happy Birthday Kim!” Love the look too,” one fan wrote.

“It’s giving bride, it’s giving beauty, life,” added a second.

“I see a Queen,” a fan wrote, while another added that she was “dressing for revenge”.

However, other people weren’t too impressed by the designer outfit.

“My grandma wants her curtains back,” one fan quipped.

“It looks like something you wear when you are going to the beach,” another suggested.

“Those shoes were as bad as that awful lace wrap or whatever it was. Total miss on the bday outfit!” wrote a third.

A fan added that her dress looked like a ‘shower curtain’, while another compared it to ‘a web decoration for Halloween’.

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