Kim Kardashian partners with David Jones to bring Skims to Australia

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Kim Kardashian Skims photoshoot
Kim Kardashian's Skims line is coming to Australia. Photo: Supplied

It’s the underwear and loungewear brand you’ve no doubt seen absolutely everywhere on social media and now it’s been announced that Kim Kardsahian’s Skims is coming to Australia.

Created in 2019 by the reality TV star and Jens Grede, Skims has been praised by fashionistas, influencers and just about everyone who gets their hands on the brand.

David Jones is set to stock Skims underwear, shapewear and loungewear this month, including the Seamless Sculpt, Core Control, Cozy Collection, Fits Everybody, Stretch Rib and Sleep Jersey ranges.

“I’m so excited to see SKIMS launch in Australia and can’t wait for everyone to experience the brand in real life at David Jones” Kim said.

“The quality, fit and feel of our collections are so important and I’m thrilled customers will now be able to experience that first-hand”.

Of course, Skims is already available to Aussies to buy online from the brand’s website, with free express shipping on orders over $100.


Kim Kardashian wearing black Skims
Fashionistas and influencers all over the world rave about Skims. Photo: Supplied

Despite being an extremely successful brand now, Kim's journey with Skims hasn't always been smooth sailing, with the star originally aiming to name the line Kimono.

However, after receiving backlash for cultural appropriation, she quickly changed the name and apologised, saying: "I didn't understand that it would've been offensive. We ran it by retailers, we ran it by a bunch of people we respected. Everyone seemed to really like the name.

"I understood what people were saying and I would never want to intentionally disrespect a culture. I would never intentionally want to also hurt my brand have that association."

Kim also hit the headlines when she was accused of Photoshopping a campaign for her Skims shapewear line where ‘her finger literally distorts into a worm due to poor editing’.

Kenzie Brenna took to her account to repost the video, calling the alleged Photoshopping ‘sad’.

“We’re honestly so over this kim!!! you are beautiful, STOP digitally enhancing yourself to change your body or your face. this is adding to the epidemic of young girls and women who absolutely hate themselves and end up with BDD and other body image related mental illnesses,” she wrote.

“Do people not understand how this affects mental health?!! media literacy is so important. unfortunately i don’t trust a signal image that comes out form that family because everything is manipulated.”

We’ve listed some of the Skims best sellers below:

Bandeu bra - $45

Skims Bandeu bra
Bandeu bra - $45 Photo: Skims

Cotton Plunge Braletet - $58

Skims Cotton Plunge Braletet

Cozy Knit Pant - $145

Skims Cozy Knit Pant

Cozy Knit Tank - $84

Skims Cozy Knit Tank

Sculpting Mid Waist Brief - $52

Skims Sculpting Mid Waist Brief

Scoop Neck Bra - $52

Skims Scoop Neck Bra

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