Kelly Clarkson’s Go-To Dessert Comes From the Walmart Bakery

And it's only $6.

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Getty Images/Allrecipes

We know celebrity magazines always try to push that stars are “just like us,” but if you think about it, there are some celebs who are pretty darn relatable even with their notable status. Reba McEntire has proclaimed her love for fast food tater tots time and again. Tim McGraw says he sneaks downstairs in the middle of the night for a bowl of Cocoa Puffs. And Jennifer Garner literally uses Allrecipes to find her recipes—how much more like us could they get?

Since her “American Idol” days, Kelly Clarkson has remained a singer for the people. If you’ve ever watched her daytime show, “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” you know the Grammy Award-winning artist stays true to herself. She fangirls over her guests as much as we do, shows her competitive side, always brings her Texas pride, and isn’t afraid to admit that she’s just not that good in the kitchen.

Even though her show has a cooking segment, where she’s cooked with chefs like Gordon Ramsay, Duff Goldman, and Jamie Oliver, Clarkson is adamant that she’s not a very good home cook.

“If your kitchen isn’t a little bit of a mess after you bake, you didn’t do it right,” Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi said on an episode of “The Kelly Clarkson Show.”

“Girl, I am rarely in my kitchen, let’s be real,” Clarkson quipped.

So, if she’s not baking herself, where is she getting her desserts from? Not a fancy New York City bakery. Oh no, in true queen fashion, Clarkson is grabbing her baked goods from the grocery store bakery.

Kelly Clarkson Loves Patti LaBelle’s Pies Available at Walmart

During an interview with Zendaya on “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” Clarkson asked the actress a very “important” question.

“Pie or Cake? If you answer incorrectly, we cannot be friends,” Clarkson said.

After Zendaya (incorrectly) answered cake, Clarkson explained her love for pies.

“I just feel like people can mess cake up a lot. But I never had, like, a messed up pie,” Clarkson said.

Zendaya defended her answer by saying a boxed cake mix is always good, but there’s no store-bought pie equivalent.

That’s where Clarkson disagreed again.

“Have you ever had Patti LaBelle’s Pies,” Clarkson said as her eyes lit up. “It’s a good pie.”

Yep, Clarkson is talking about the premade pies you can get from Walmart’s bakery.

Meet Patti LaBelle's Store-Bought Pies



Legendary singer LaBelle is known for her sweet potato pie recipe. Her recipe is widely available online, but LaBelle capitalized on its notary nearly 10 years ago when she started selling her Sweet Potato Pies exclusively at Walmart. In 2015, Walmart was selling a Patti LaBelle pie every second, according to Food & Wine.

The pies are still beloved for their flavor—and the relatively inexpensive price tag of about $6.

“This pie is the best pie I've gotten in a store, period. It tastes homemade, like someone spent hours making [it]. It’s fabulous, Patti, girl, this pie goooood,” one review on Walmart’s site reads.

Unlike some sweet potato or pumpkin pies, LaBelle’s pies are sold all year round rather than just during Thanksgiving. So, of course, it’s the perfect pie to pass off as homemade on Turkey Day—but you can bring it to potlucks all summer long, too.

After the success of her Sweet Potato Pie, LaBelle released Peach Cobbler, Blackberry Cobbler, Buttermilk Pie, Peach Apple Cobbler, Southern Peach Cobbler with Extra Crust, and Banana Pudding at Walmart’s bakery as well. She has even entered the freezer aisle with frozen Mac & Cheese, Collard Greens, Glazed Sweet Potatoes, and Chicken & Waffles at Walmart stores.

Customers—including Clarkson—can’t get enough of LaBelle’s creations. And now, it seems like Clarkson is about to turn Zendaya on to the magic of the store-bought pie, too.

Hey, there’s no shame in shopping at the Walmart bakery. You, dear reader, already know that’s where my pumpkin roll comes from every year—now it’ll also be accompanied by a Patti LaBelle pie.

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