Kate Peck: ‘Modelling is like being dumped by your boyfriend, over and over’

Maz Compton

She’s the wild child of the fashion world and describes herself as a “lunatic, model and motorcycle maniac” so I always knew I’d be in for a crazy ride chatting to Kate Peck.

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If you think Kate’s just a pretty face, think again. Sure, she was the gorgeous 15-year-old thrust into the spotlight after her time on reality show Search for a Supermodel, but there’s more to this model than meets the eye.

“I feel like there’s a small bogan inside me that if you scratch the surface, it might pop up sometimes,” she laughs. “The use of the term ‘mate’ is occasional. But I do enjoy motorbikes and motorsports, cars and fast things.”

After getting into motorbikes thanks to her dad, Kate’s not one of those models getting driven around town.

“When I was modeling, [motorbikes] would be my form of travel,” she tells me. “I’d have to find a pub nearby that I could go and get changed into my short skirt and my high heels and then go into the casting, then go back into the pub and change back into my motorcycle gear.”

While Kate loved her time on Search for a Supermodel, she admits there’s other shows like Next Top Model that really pit girls against each other. “Some of the stuff on there is bulls**t, and some of it is reality,” she says.

And Kate, who's also done time as a MTV VJ and Myer ambassador doesn’t sugar coat the industry either. With her fair share of rejection, the 28-year-old admits starting at such a young age was tough – and it doesn’t get any easier to handle the criticism.

“You’re going into such a grown-up world and you’re dealing with a lot of confronting situations, so yeah, it can be really tough for a 16-year-old,” Kate says. “And when you don’t get gigs, you’re like, “Oh, is it because I’m too fat, or because I’m too this.”

“It’s kind of like being dumped by your boyfriend, a lot, over and over.”

“When it looks good and it is good, then it’s really f**king great. But when it’s bad, it can be really bad and you can go in a rollercoaster slump… because you’ve been rejected and you feel crap about yourself.”

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