Sign Kate Middleton is ready to step up in Queen's inner circle

Kate Middleton has become known as the royal family ‘peacekeeper’ after managing to get Prince William and Prince Harry talking at Prince Philip’s funeral over the weekend.

But it wasn’t the only moment at the service that proved the Queen is leaning on the Duchess of Cambridge as part of her inner royal circle.

Duchess of Cambridge and Camilla stand outside St George's Chapel before the ceremonial funeral procession of Prince Philip
Kate Middleton outside St George's Chapel at Prince Philip's funeral. Photo: Getty Images

Kate arrived at the chapel by car on Saturday, standing outside until the Queen arrived and to pay her respects to Prince Philip’s passing coffin.

However, just before the Queen entered the church, she turned back in Kate Middleton, Camilla and Sophie Wessex’s direction, almost as if she didn’t want to go in alone without the three women.


They took the sign from the Queen and immediately followed her inside, with Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice following close behind.

After the service, Kate Middleton seemed to extend an olive branch to Prince Harry, chatting with him outside the chapel as Prince William talked to the Archbishop.

The Queen entering the church at St George's Chapel
At one point, the Queen turned around looking for support. Photo: BBC

When the royals began making their way back to Windsor Castle, William caught up with Kate and Harry, with the duchess slowly moving away from them so she could chat with Sophie Wessex and her daughter, Lady Louise Windsor instead.

So spurred on the moment everyone is now talking about - Prince Harry and Prince William chatting candidly to each other like old times.

Now, royal biographer Brian Hoey has claimed the move has cemented Kate as the new ‘rock’ in the royal family.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge during the funeral of Prince Philip
Kate acted as 'peacekeeper' between Prince William and Prince Harry. Photo: Getty Images

“They say cometh the hour, cometh the man. But in the royal family’s case, it’s a woman,’ he told The Sun.

“Thank God for Kate — she is the rock the monarchy will depend on. On Saturday, she behaved absolutely impeccably.”

It came after reports royal staff were “on eggshells” as they tried to plan the funeral and make sure the brothers’ ‘feud’ didn’t cause too much commotion.

It’s also reported that Princess Anne and Sophie Wessex avoided all contact with Prince Harry during his trip home as they are still so raw after his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

William, Kate and Harry after Prince Philip's funeral
Kate was seen walking beside Prince Harry, with Prince William coming up beside them. Photo: BBC
Harry, William and Kate at Prince Philip's funeral
The three royals reunited at the funeral. Photo: BBC

During the famous interview, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made a series of accusations against the royal family, saying they experienced moments of racism over Archie’s skin tone.

Prince William was said to be 'livid' over the interview, with Harry claiming that he and his brother needed a lot of 'space' between them.

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