Kate Beckinsale stuns fans with dramatic transformation: 'Keep getting hotter'

The star's fans loved her new look.

Kate Beckinsale has stunned her fans after undergoing quite a dramatic transformation, with the star showing off her new look on Instagram and at the Roger Vivier holiday dinner. She also appeared on the red carpet at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Gala the following day.

The star, 50, switched her long brunette locks for a blonde lob, with fans loving the new look.

Kate Beckinsale with brown hair
Kate Beckinsale doesn't look like this anymore. Photo: Getty

Kate shared several snaps and a video of herself, showing off the new look with the star wearing a matching red blazer, crop top and pants.

"Lovely intimate dinner dinner for #gheradofelloni, Creative Director of @rogervivier, hosted by @laurabrown99 and @kiernanshipka. Two girls nights in a row ❤️ lucky me," she wrote.


Rebel Wilson's fiancée Ramona Agruma was quick to comment, writing, "Omg! Blonde looks so good on you."

"LIVING for the blonde, it’s giving Jolt in the best way possible," one fan wrote, referencing Kate's 2021 movie, where she has a similar look.

"Damn that blonde is GREAT," another said.

"Excuse me while I die for this woman that doesn’t even know of my existence," a third joked.

"Look out, there’s a new blonde scorcher in town," someone else said.

"You just keep getting hotter!" one user said.

"Not normally a blonde fan but bugger me you pull that off well," another added.

Kate Beckinsale blonde
Kate showed off her new look the following day at the Hollywood Reporter's Women in Entertainment Gala. Photo: Getty

Some weren't the biggest fans, with one user writing, "No, please stay brunette."

"Not a fan of the blonde, but whatever," another said.

The criticism was far outweighed by positive comments, however.

Kate stuns with naked dress

It comes after Kate took to Instagram to share photos of herself in a completely see-through dress to attend Paris Hilton's Slivmas party in celebration of the release of Paris in Love Season 2.

The dress featured some silver detailing, with strategically placed silver flowers covering her chest.


"She does not age," one user commented, while another agreed, writing, "If you look up the definition of 'fine wine'- these pics are right next to it."

"Jaw dropping!" a third said.

"Still got it," someone else said.

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