Karl Stefanovic's brutal prank on Ally Langdon's last day on Today

Allison Langdon's final week on the Today Show has been filled with many pranks and jokes at her expense by co-host Karl Stefanovic as she heads off to begin a new position as the host of A Current Affair in the new year.

And rather than the usual well-wishes and cards, on her final day on the show, Ally instead received a roasting by her co-hosts.

The Today show's Karl Stefanovic and Tim Davies played a brutal prank on Ally Langdon for her last day on the show before heading to ACA. Photo: Niney
The Today show's Karl Stefanovic and Tim Davies played a brutal prank on Ally Langdon for her last day on the show before heading to ACA. Photo: Niney

Karl and weather presenter Tim Davies even went so far as to have her Mercedes Benz towed away from her Today Show car spot in the Nine car park.

Tim met a towing company in the car park to remove her car from the Today show spot, as Ally watched on in horror.


"What? You have got to be kidding me," she said as she saw what was unfolding before her eyes.

"We are having an Allison Langdon fire sale, including her car," Tim told the camera. "Get it out of the car park. How much does a German junk like this get?"

Allison Langdon's car gets towed
Tim Davies had Ally's car towed while she was working at the desk. Photo: Nine

"Lucky to cover the towing costs," one of the men helping with the tow jokingly informed him.

"It's never had a tub. It's never been looked after. It's a bit like Ally in that sense," Tim joked. "We're gonna tie the clamps around it, we're gonna lift it up and we are gonna shift it on out as she goes off to the bright lights of prime time and we will park it somewhere else, wherever A Current Affair park it. We haven't got room Ally, I'm so sorry!"

"You'll miss that old girl, Tim!" Ally said of her car.

"Oh yeah, it's just the start," Karl told her.

Ally tears up as Karl pays tribute

Ally Langdon crying
Ally teared up as Karl shared a tribute to her work on the show. Photo: Nine

Karl paid tribute to Ally with a sweet speech, which also included a few jokes, telling her, "We are grateful for sharing your light, you have been an incredible influence behind and in front of our house, from meet and greet producers to your show pony colleagues out the front. You have also been a friend. A very dear friend."

He continued, "As we say goodbye today and wish the EP and staff at A Current Affair all the best, because seriously, they're gonna need it. We thank you. It has been an honour to be friends with you and it is an honour to be a colleague of someone taking the chair of the OG, Mike Willasee. The history there is profound, and you will, like this, you will make this role your own, your brilliant own.

"So, let's rise and toast to Ally, thank you Ally, you made us all better."

Karl Stefanovic and Ally Langdon
There were a lot of tears for Ally's last day. Photo: Nine

It was followed by an emotional goodbye with the Today Show hosts, with Brooke Boney saying they'd all been through so much during the last three years with lockdowns, elections and bushfires to name a few, saying, "Friends became family during that time."

Fans also shared tributes on social media, with one user writing, "The show will not be the same without you Ally, wish you the very best in your new adventures."

"I’ll miss you on my tv of a morning but looking forward to seeing you of a night on ACA!" another fan wrote.

"She's getting a roasting, but it's obvious she's loved and adored by her co-workers, good luck on your next journey Ally," a third said, referencing the jokes at Ally's expense all morning.

"Going to miss Ally so much on the Today Show, but wishing her every success with ACA," someone else added.

Many others said they'd miss Ally and Karl's banter and wished her luck in her new role.

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