Karl Stefanovic's brutal Kochie joke at the Logies slated: 'Missed the mark'

Viewers were left confused over Karl Stefanovic's controversial Kochie joke.

They were network rivals for years and it seems David ‘Kochie’ Koch’s retirement hasn’t done anything to put an end to the Sunrise vs. Today show feud.

Karl Stefanovic’s brutal dig at former Sunrise host Kochie during the 2023 Logies Awards has left people baffled online, with many calling the Channel Nine star’s quip "bizarre".

Karl Stefanovic on stage at the Logies
Karl Stefanovic took aim at Kochie during his Logies segment. Photo: Channel 7
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Earlier in the night, Kochie had mentioned on-stage that he loves the Australian Stan TV series Bump, with Karl deciding to make a controversial joke about the confession.

The popular TV presenter took to the stage for the In Memoriam segment when he took aim at retired Kochie.

“I did also want to just check something, I am pretty sure before I heard Kochie say he loves Bumps…season 3. Did anyone mishear that? Because I am pretty sure I did. Anyway, those are the headlines tomorrow morning,” Karl said.


Kochie looked less than impressed, appearing to need someone to explain the random dig to him.

Later in the show, host Sam Pang blasted Karl for the joke, saying: "I don't want to say that Karl Stefanovic's joke about Kochie sank...but OceanGate is offering expeditions to visit it.”

David Kochie Koch at the 2023 Logies not looking happy
Kochie looked less than impressed. Photo: Channel 7

People online were less bewildered by Karl’s quip, with one person writing: “Kochie looking genuinely confused and annoyed.”

“Kochie joke missed the mark by miles,” a person on Twitter wrote.

“Karl making 'bump' innuendos. Ah the #Logies what a thoroughfare of Australia's best talent,” a viewer said.

It’s not the first time Karl has taken aim at his morning TV show rival, as when Kochie announced his retirement last month, Karl jokingly told a room full of media at a Crown Sydney event that he was “glad he’s gone”, according to Sky News.

It’s believed Karl did go on to say: “He pulls up stumps at the end of this week and I just want to pay my respects to him on what a wonderful career it has been.

“It has been an extraordinary one for 21 years. He's got up with the bakers and the road workers, and he has crunched it out across the nation.”

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