MasterChef fans left fuming over Logies crowd's reaction to Jock Zonfrillo tribute: 'Stand up'

Melissa Leong fought back tears as Jock Zonfrillo was honoured at the 2023 Logie Awards.

MasterChef Australia judge Melissa Leong fought back tears as the cast and crew of the show paid tribute to late chef Jock Zonfrillo during their Logie Awards 2023 acceptance speech.

Accepting the award for Most Popular Reality Program, Melissa Leong looked close to tears as she thanked fans for 'sticking with' the show through thick and thin.

Melissa Leong on the 2023 Logie Awards red carpet
Melissa Leong accepted MasterChef's award for Most Popular Reality Program. Photo: Channel 7

"Wow! Well, it is such a pleasure and a privilege to be standing here amongst some of our incredible cast this season," Mellisa said.

"Julia Goodwin said 'I came back to see what was left of me' and I felt that. And I know our audience felt that as well. That's where the magic is at.


"The stories told through food by our wonderful contestants is what makes the magic happen. So, thank you so much to Network Ten and to Endemol Shine for believing in us. Thank you so much to our incredible cast for constantly pouring out your hearts and souls and showing us who you are on the plate every single time.

"And thank you so much for the audience for sticking with us, through thick and thin. Especially in the year that we've had," she finished with a tear.

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MasterChef accepts the Most Popular Reality Program award at the 2023 Logie Awards
Melissa and the rest of the MasterChef cast and crew could be seen breaking down in tears as Jock was honoured on the night. Photo: Channel 7

Mel then handed the Logie Award over to one of the executives from the show, who mentioned Jock by name, saying: "As I stand here tonight, it's still hard to believe that my mate, our amazing judge Jock, is no longer with us.

The cast and crew standing behind could be seen breaking down as he continued: "So big man, this is 100% dedicated to you.

"Tonight, we are going to celebrate Jock-style. Please, everybody, give it up for Jock."

Jock Zonfrillo
The MasterChef cast and crew paid tribute to Jock Zonfrillo while accepting their award. Photo: Channel 10

The cameras then cut to the room, with stars clapping along for the win. However, some viewers were left fuming that not many people stood up to honour Jock.

"Stand up for Jock you hedonistic bunch of overgrown egos," one person said on Twitter.

"These so called celebrities could [have] stood up and clapped for Jock," another said.

Others seemed to be delighted that the MasterChef cast took out the award after the year they've had.

"MasterChef takes it out again. And here we are again with tears for Jock. So sad he missed this," one person online wrote.

"Wow that was tough for the @masterchefau team. I’m sure Jock is smiling from above. Congrats to all the @masterchefauamily on winning the Logie. A fitting result and testament to all involved. Give it up for Jock."

The Glasgow-born star was found dead at 2am in Melbourne on May 1, the same day MasterChef season 15 was meant to air.

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