Karl Stefanovic reveals wife Jasmine's drunken political misstep

Karl Stefanovic may just be in the dog house tonight, after he revealed a very embarrassing drunken misstep his wife Jasmine suffered last Friday night on live TV this morning.

The host was interviewing Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk alongside Ally Langdon on the Today show on Wednesday, when he surprised everyone by offering a sincere apology to the politician for a ‘drunken call’ made by Jasmine Stefanovic last Friday evening.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Karl Stefanovic Ally Langdon Today show
Karl shocked everyone when he publicly apologised to Annastacia Palaszczuk on behalf of wife Jasmine. Photo: Nine

The jaw-dropping admission left Ally gobsmacked, but the premier evidently knew exactly what he was talking about.

“I wanted to apologise, to give you my deepest apologies for my wife’s drunken call to you last Friday telling you in her own very sweet Queensland way to open the borders,” Karl said during the live segment. “I’ve now saved your name under my lawyer's name so she won’t do it again.”

A completely baffled Ally was left laughing in disbelief, asking, “What happened?”

The premier graciously accepted the apology, saying the call was one of the less aggressive ones she had received.

“It’s OK, it’s perfectly alright that's probably one of the calmest ones I’ve had Karl so it’s alright,” she responded. “I understand how stressful it’s been on people, but maybe not the drinking and ringing up yeah let’s stay away from that.”

“I’ve never known it to go well,” Ally agreed.


Jasmine Stefnovic with baby outed drunk call premier
Karl outed wife Jasmine's drunken call on national TV this morning. Photo: Instagram/ karlstefanovic_

Later after the premier had left, Karl explained the situation in slightly more detail to a bewildered Ally.

He said it was a ‘nice message’ and imitated his wife whispering: “Please open the borders premier... Please.”

“Look I tried to stop her,” he told his co-host who perhaps found that the most unbelievable part of the whole saga.

Image of Karl and Ally Langford on Today Karl admits Jasmine drunk dialled Queensland premiere
Ally seemed to find Karl's protestations of innocence the hardest part of the story to believe. Photo: Nine

“Did you really try to stop her?” she asked.

It’s not the first time Karl has thrown a family member under the bus on live telly this month, with the host set to navigate a very dicey family Christmas if he’s not a little more careful.

Earlier this month the host shocked guests and viewers today with a heavy hint his older sister would oppose the COVID-19 vaccine.

The breakfast show personality was hosting an interview between Labour MP Bill Shorten and Stella magazine’s Sarrah Le Marquand this morning, the trio discussing the promising COVID-19 vaccine being developed when Karl slipped in the family faux pas.

“I think my sister might be one of the people who doesn't [take the vaccine],” Karl admitted with an awkward grin, looking down at the desk, to which Mr Shorten couldn’t help but respond: “Oh no.”

“I know,” the journalist responded with a chuckle. “I mean what can you do? Family.”

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