Karl Stefanovic's bizarre comment disgusts Nick Kyrgios: 'You've got a sickness’

Nick Kyrgios appeared to be rather horrified after Karl Stefanovic asked him a question about his feet during an interview on Today.

The tennis superstar joined the Channel Nine show on Thursday morning “to talk all things tennis, his new flame and even toes”, as Karl had introduced the segment.

Today's Karl Stefanovic and Nick Kyrgios.
Karl Stefanovic shocked Nick Kyrgios with a bizarre question about his feet. Photos: Channel Nine

The awkward moment took place when Nick was asked about starring in the latest UberEats campaign, which sees him enjoying a bubble bath on the court.

“The UberEats ads are very funny, it’s all a good bit of fun,” Karl said, before asking, “Are they your toes or did you use a toe double? Because they’re nice toes”.

Clearly shocked by the question at first, Nick then laughed and replied: “Dude, you’ve got a sickness, Karl. No, that was my stunt double.”


Nick Kyrgios' toes in a bubble bath.
Karl told Nick that he had ‘nice toes’. Photo: Channel Nine

As well as the bath video, a second ad features Nick dressed in a robe with former tennis player Todd Woodbridge giving a Love Actually style speech on cue cards.

“Yeah, the UberEats campaign this year was definitely, for me, an experience,” he continued.

“Like, being in a bathtub basically naked with foam bubbles on me. Doing it with Todd was a lot of fun as well.”

Nick and Karl recreated the iconic Love Actually scene for themselves at the end of the interview, with Karl complimenting the sports star’s trick shots and leg muscles.

“Would you date me if you win the Oz Open?” the final card read, to which Nick responded, “Yes”.

Today show Australian Open interview sparks debate

Viewers were clearly divided in their opinion of the interview on social media, with one person calling it “great” while another said it was “embarrassing”.

“Started the interview off well, then Karl took it to the gutter with his bromance nonsense,” they tweeted. “Karl’s attempt at humour failed dismally.”

Today's Karl Stefanovic and Nick Kyrgios holding up cue cards.
One viewer called the interview ‘embarrassing’. Photos: Channel Nine

Karl’s chat with Nick comes shortly after he revealed on Today that his whole family tested positive for Covid-19 at the start of the year.

“The last couple of weeks, going back to January 3 or 4, the whole family tested positive - the whole family went down with COVID-19,” he said on Monday.

“It was a bit awful to tell you the truth at times, but we're all clear now. We got through the whole thing, and look, they say it's mild, but it's pretty intense in parts.”

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