Johanna Griggs left disgusted over State Of Origin snack: 'Try not to gag'

The Better Homes and Gardens star wasn't impressed with her husband's pre-game food of choice.

Johanna Griggs has shared her husband's snack right before the State of Origin last night, asking her followers not to 'gag' at the sight of it.

Queensland defeat NSW 32-6 at Suncorp Stadium in front of 52,433 fans, with Johanna's husband, Todd Huggins, deciding to munch down on a sausage sizzle right beforehand.

Johanna Griggs with a fringe and makeup
Johanna Griggs was left less than impressed with her husband's pre-game snack. Photo: Instagram/Johanna Griggs

The roll featured shredded cheese, tomato sauce and mustard, with Better Homes and Gardens' Johanna being repulsed by the food.


"Try not to gag. I asked Todd what he wanted to eat before State of Origin tonight. I said I would make him absolutely anything...and this is what he asked for," she wrote, alongside a green face emoji.

"And no, I'm not eating the same," she clarified.

Sausage sizzle
Todd decided to chow down on a sausage sizzle. Photo: Instagram/Johanna Griggs

It’s been a tough few months for Joh, whose husband, Todd, went through a health scare at the end of last year after going into hospital for ‘two simple surgeries’ to remove Basal cell carcinoma skin cancer.

“Became a bit more complicated when the wound became infected,” Joh wrote on Instagram at the time.

“A hospital stint and another operation were in order. He’s back home now and not allowed to do anything but rest and keep that wound clear of anything and everything until it heals! Poor Buggar!”

Johanna Griggs in a white shirt
The beloved Channel Seven star. Photo: Instagram/Johanna Griggs

The couple celebrated 17 years married at the end of November after marrying in a romantic ceremony in 2005.

Joh has two children and one five-year-old grandchild, whom she absolutely dotes over.


Speaking to 7Life in February, Joh gushed over the adorable boy saying: “He turns five in March and he’s just the light of our lives”.

“It is so nice to have a little kid (around) again. It just makes everyone get so involved on a different level.

“It’s so exciting and he’s such a little bright spark”.

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