Joh Griggs' shock resignation after seven years

Johanna Griggs is the latest celebrity host to jump ship. Photo: Getty
Johanna Griggs is the latest celebrity host to jump ship. Photo: Getty

House Rules has joined the reality show resignation train, with host Johanna Griggs announcing she will step down just one day after the seventh season’s finale.

On the back of a virtual haemorrhage of reality show talent this week, Joh, who has hosted the show for its seven-year run, made the announcement via Instagram directly following the show’s grand finale.

“After a great deal of consideration, I recently sat down with the Network to ask to be allowed to step down as Host of House Rules,” the beloved personality shared in an emotional post, adding that the network ‘graciously’ agreed.

Joh also hosts Better Homes and Gardens, and seemed to point to maintaining that gig as being the primary reason behind her decision.

“My role as host of Better Homes and Gardens, which everyone knows I’m crazy about, keeps me very busy,” she wrote, adding her decision would allow her to balance that commitment.

Going back to her roots

Joh is a former competitive swimmer, and took home bronze at the 1990 Commonwealth Games.

It looks like she might be diving back into the world of sport, if a heavy-handed hint in her public sign-off is anything to go by.

“Hopefully now though, with a different work load, I’ll be in a better position to take up one or two of the great opportunities that come my way, especially with 7 Sport, which is such a passion for me.”

The host shared the announcement alongside a huge ‘thank you’ graphic, that mirrored her appreciative words.

Reality TV carnage

This of course, comes on the back of MasterChef’s bombshell announcement this week that all three judges have stepped down following the show’s 11th season.

The news came in the wake of George Calombaris being found to have underpaid staff by more than $7.83 million across his restaurant empire, which led to calls from former workers and unions for the star to be dropped from the popular reality show.

It’s understood that the judges decided to leave after failing to secure pay rises from the network, and that their exit is not related to George’s recent case, though the judges later denied that money was behind the decision.

Poh Ling Yeow, Curtis Stone and Maggie Beer are rumoured to replace George, Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan, however Maggie has already said she will not take up the role.

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