Jodie Foster On The Challenges Of Taking On ‘True Detective’, A Possible First Acting Emmy Nomination, And A Legendary 60 Year Career – The Actor’s Side

She has two Best Actress Oscars and five nominations including one most recently for 2023’s Nyad. She received her first for 1976’s Taxi Driver when she was only 14. Add to these impressive accomplishments, three BAFTA awards, three Golden Globes, and an Honorary Palme d’Or among other accolades and honors. Still it is surprising to note she has never once been nominated for an Emmy for any acting role.

She does have two previous Emmys nominations behind the scenes, one for directing an episode of Orange Is The New Black, and one as a producer on the TV movie, The Baby Dance, but Foster is definitely overdue to jump into the Emmy race.

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Well, folks the time has come and she is certainly one of the front runners, not only to get a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Television Movie, or Anthology, but also possible to even win. Such was the widespread praise for her role as Liz Danvers in the HBO Limited Series True Detective: Night Country. Foster joins me for this special edition of my Deadline video series, The Actor’s Side to talk about this exciting turn in her career and the unique challenges of shooting this series, set in Alaska but shot largely in Iceland. She also serves as an Executive Producer and discusses working with director Issa Lopez who is making her english language directing debut with this. Foster also talks about her successful career as a director of feature films and television projects plus many highlights from a career that started in 1963 when she was just 3 years old. She’s still going strong.

To watch our conversation and to get the ‘actor’s side’ of things from Jodie Foster just click on the link above.

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