Jimmy Kimmel has amusing reaction to Dakota Johnson’s wardrobe malfunction

Jimmy Kimmel has amusing reaction to Dakota Johnson’s wardrobe malfunction

Jimmy Kimmel seems to have a quick fix for everything – even Dakota Johnson’s wardrobe mishap.

The late-night talk show host had the best reaction to the Madame Web star’s unfortunate dress slip during the June 19 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Amid their conversation, Johnson, dressed in a long black gown with hardware straps wrapped around her shoulders from the back, suddenly grabbed her left side strap, holding it together in the middle.

“Dakota, your dress just came unhooked,” Kimmel said, chuckling before he asked: “Are you alright? Should I get some Scotch tape?”

“It just fell off,” the Fifty Shades of Grey lead admitted, clutching the gold pieces that connected to her garment. “I’ll just hold it.” And that’s what she did. For the rest of the show, Johnson held a tight grip on her dress, ensuring it wouldn’t fall off.

Clips from the Wednesday night episode showed the actress talking while adjusting her top. Online, fans praised her for handling the malfunction professionally, arguing this seems to always happen with female celebrities.

Under a post from the show’s Instagram account, one person wrote: “Stuff women have to do - carry on a conversation on national television and figure out her strap and keep total concentration and grace.”

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time the Hollywood favorite had to handle a wardrobe issue. In 2016, Johnson clung to the back of her top as she gave an acceptance speech for “Favorite Dramatic Actress” at the People’s Choice Awards.

Johnson donned a sparkly two piece set with a spaghetti strap, subtle peplum-trim top and a matching skirt. With her award in one hand and the back of her top in the other, Johnson said: “Well, it’s not like nobody here hasn’t already seen my boobs.”

“Accidents happen it could have been worse,” one fan noted on X, formerly known as Twitter. Others labeled her a “pro” and “boss” at handling these clothing mishaps.

Johnson joined Kimmel on Wednesday in celebration of her new film, Daddio, which she also produced. Speaking about the upcoming movie that lands in theaters June 28, the esteemed creative opened up about the making of one racy scene where her character is sent a “d**k pic” from her boyfriend.

“When we were casting the d**k pic, there’s not really a backstock of penis photos that are usable in movie,” Johnson explained. “Our amazing props master Diana Burton — who is a woman in her sixties — had a group of her male friends just anonymously send in photos to her.”

Fifteen contenders were contemplated among Johnson, Burton, director Christy Hall, and co-producer Ro Donnelly until the right one was selected.