Jimmy Barnes' cheeky dig at 'complaining' tennis players

As international tennis stars take to social media to complain about an unexpected two-week hotel quarantine following a Covid outbreak at the Australian Open, Aussies have watched on with everything from wry amusement to outrage.

Now, one very famous Aussie has weighed in on the drama, undermining the ‘complaining’ from top tennis stars with his own refreshingly positive take on the situation.

Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes
Aussie rock legend Jimmy Barnes has had a cheeky dig at the Australia open players stuck in hotel Quarantine. Photo: Getty Images

Rock legend Jimmy Barnes is holed up in hotel quarantine with wife Jane Mahoney in Melbourne while they await coronavirus test results, and it seems, unlike some, the duo is making the best of the situation.

“Here we are in Melbourne hotel isolation, waiting for Covid test results,” the Cold Chisel frontman wrote on Twitter.

“I don’t know what those tennis players are complaining about, just had a delicious dinner from one of our fav restaurants Vlados. They even sent their mustard & horseradish. Strawberry pancakes for dessert.”

Jimmy Barnes Jane Barnes
Jimmy and Jane were all smiles from their Melbourne hotel quarantine room. Photo: Twitter/JimmyBarnes

Accompanying the tweet was a snap of Barnes and his wife of 40 years Jane tucking into a delivered meal.

Sharing her husband’s tweet, Jane made a further dig at the sports celebrity’s antics, writing: “But I could do with some help with my hair.”


It comes as former Love Island star and the girlfriend of Tennis champ Bernard Tomic, Vanessa Sierra, came under fire for complaining that she had to wash her own hair in quarantine, claiming she had never once done the task herself, leaving it to hairdressers her whole life.

The duo left fans unimpressed with what was seen as ‘whinging’, but in a nasty twist began receiving hate messages and even death threats.

Vanessa Sierra Bernard Tomic hotel quarantine complaints during Australian Open
Vanessa Sierra and Bernard Tomic's take on quarantine wasn't quite as popular with social media users. Photo: Instagram/ vanessa5ierra

Vanessa was also the subject of criticism in April when she shared a racy photo wearing a ‘face mask’ bikini at the height of the initial lockdown when PPE was difficult to buy.

The pair are just two of some 72 Australian Open competitors in full quarantine after nine people, including one unnamed player, tested positive for the coronavirus after departing for the Melbourne tournament.

On Jimmy’s post, things remained civil, with a cheeky dig or two at the reports emerging from the tennis players’ hotel quarantine stories.

“You are a champ. This is what we need to hear, not blah blah Deliveroo costs us $200, I have to wash my own hair blah,” one fan of the rock star wrote.

“Champion,” another wrote.

“You’ve just been the loveliest bloke through all this- providing joy and light with your family jam sessions, doing the right thing, not moaning or taking a global pandemic personally,” another fan wrote. “Thank you.”

Scottish-born Aussie Jimmy and his family have been keeping spirits high online with a series of performances live-streamed from their NSW home and shared to social media accounts throughout the ongoing coronavirus situation.

With additional reporting by Sam Goodwin.

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