'Such a waste': Love Island star slammed for making bikini out of face masks

While many people working on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic are unable to get the correct protection, fans are unimpressed with former Love Island Australia star Vanessa Sierra who shared a photo of herself wearing a 'bikini' made out of face masks.

In the racy photo, Vanessa posed with boyfriend Luke Erwin wearing two masks to her breasts and another as underwear.

Vanessa Sierra wears face masks as a bikini
Former Love Island star Vanessa Sierra is getting slammed for sharing a photo of herself wearing a 'bikini' made from face masks. Photo: Instagram/Vanessa Sierra

She captioned the post, "Most people bin their used face masks, we recycle them."

However, it didn't take long for the criticism to pour in with fans slamming the former reality star and her boyfriend, who also posted the photo, for wasting medical supplies.

One user wrote, "Medical staff [are] dying due to the lack of equipment, such a waste."

"So people can’t find masks to wear because Vanessa is using them as bikinis," another added.

Someone else commented, “Very controversial post and a bit insensitive to the current times.”

Another labeled it "irresponsible" and said, "I do think you’re stunning but with shortages over the world for masks I do think slightly irresponsible use of them in my opinion."

Vanessa Sierra poses for selfie
Vanessa was slammed for her 'controversial' bikini post and was labelled 'irresponsible'. Photo: Instagram/Vanessa Sierra

"[You're] using your masks for the wrong reason people actually need them," someone wrote.

Speaking to News.Com.Au, Vanessa defended the post, stressing the fact that the masks had been used and were headed for the bin.

“I’m not bothered by the comments … when you’re in the public eye people are always quick to attack and judge everything you do,” she said.

“I’m just out here trying to make light of a pretty rough situation for all of us. Most people bin their used face masks, I recycled mine.”

In the comments on the post she wrote, "They’re literally used, disposable masks guys relax."

Just last week the influencer revealed she had been in hospital after suddenly falling ill.

She wrote, "I have no recollection of the last 4 days except that I woke up in hospital after almost losing my life.

Vanessa Sierra in hospital
Vanessa shared a photo of herself last week from hospital urging people to "take extra steps to protect yourself during these tough times". Photo Instagram/Vanessa Sierra

"To everyone out there please be careful and take extra steps to protect yourself during these tough times.

"Remember to never leave your loved ones on bad terms because anything can change in an instant. Thank you to my rock for being there for me and I’m forever grateful to still be here," she concluded.

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