Jarrod Woodgate slams ex Keira Maguire and her new boyfriend

While former Bachelor In Paradise stars Jarrod Woodgate and Keira Maguire confirmed their split in August 2019, it seems the pair was still connected for the 12 months that followed.

Jarrod revealed on Saturday that his former girlfriend of almost two years (on and off) had continued using his Netflix account.

Bachelor in Paradise star Jarrod Woodgate with Keira Maguire
Bachelor in Paradise star Jarrod Woodgate has slammed ex Keira Maguire and her new boyfriend. Photo: Ten

Taking to his Instagram Story, Jarrod revealed how he'd found out that Keira was still using his account without his knowledge.

He wrote, "If you think your Netflix account is getting hacked by Russian spies, because it keeps saying 'continue watching' on shows you've never seen... change your password."

In the next post, he wrote, "Because it could be the ex you broke up with over a year ago and her boyfriend is using your account. WTAF."

Jarrod Woodgate slams Keira Maguire on Instagram
Jarrod took to Instagram to slam Keira and her boyfriend for using his Netflix account for a year. Photo: Instagram/JarrodWoodgate

Jarrod also shared a snap of a message he'd received from Keira's new boyfriend Love Island's Matthew Zukowski, which read, "Hey mate, hope [you're] well! Just wondering if you could check where [The Last Dance] is up to on your [Netflix] account as we were watching it and we have forgotten where we are up [to]. Cheers brother."

Keira confirmed her new romance with Matthew on Instagram last month, when she spoiled her Bachelor In Paradise storyline by revealing, "I don't need the show to find love," alongside a photo of herself and her new beau.

Keira Maguire with new boyfriend Matt Zukowski on Instagram
Keira confirmed her new relationship with Matt Zukowski on Instagram, spoiling her storyline on Bachelor in Paradise. Photo: Instagram/KeiraMaguire

Jarrod has recently addressed his split with Keira, accusing her of trying to stay in the limelight by fuelling drama.

Speaking on the So Dramatic podcast, he said that while there was "no feud between them", they were not friends by any means.

Jarrod has also moved on with Sam Royce, who appeared on the Bachelor last year.

The vineyard manager took to Instagram revealing he and Sam were separated by distance due to the latest lockdown laws.


"Lockdown 2.0 has been tough for so many people. It’s so hard not knowing the next time you’ll be able to see your loved ones or when this will all end," he wrote.

"I am especially sad this week as I should be back up in Darwin right now, out at Kakadu National Park- hiking, camping and swimming in waterfalls. I’ve received so many messages from people in similar situations to Sam and I have found so much comfort from knowing we are not the only ones navigating long distance in a pandemic."

Jarrod Woodgate with new girlfriend Sam Royce
Jarrod has also moved on with former Bachelor star Sam Royce. Photo: Instagram/JarrodWoodgate

He added, "Some people have their partners stuck overseas, interstate or even in the next suburb and can’t give them a hug."

Speaking with 9Honey about his new relationship earlier this year, Jarrod revealed that Sam changed his outlook on life after his high-profile romance with Keira.

"I don't know if Sam would be happy with me saying this, but she thought I was a bit of a snob to start with, which, to be honest, I was because I was in a limelight relationship and it kind of makes you think that this is your life but it wasn't," he explained.

"I slowly got back down to earth and Sam's helped ground me."

He added, "She is my forever and I see more of a future now than ever with this one. We're both very happy."

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