Jackie 'O' Henderson opens up about 'dark times' following two divorces

"There’s really no way to sugar-coat it."

Jackie 'O' Henderson
Jackie 'O' Henderson has opened up about her two divorces in a new video where she also shares a candid confession about her sex life. Photo: Instagram/jackieo_official

Jackie 'O' Henderson has opened up about the 'dark times' surrounding her two divorces in a new video promoting the Red Flag Project, a relationships course as part of her Besties business with her friend Gemma O'Neill.

The video, which was shared on Instagram, explains the partnership between the two businesses, with the caption reading, "Introducing the Red Flag Project — your ultimate guide to transforming your love life and building healthier relationships!"


The course, which is led by Dr Justine Corry and Dr Gemma Gladstone, will feature 30 videos, handouts and guides to "help you break free from unhealthy patterns and find the love you deserve".

Speaking about her relationships, Jackie says, "People often say to me, 'You seem so great and happy after going through what are dark times, like a divorce or a massive change.'"

The radio host adds that taking part in the course "completely changed my life".

Jackie married her radio co-host Phil O'Neil when she was just 19 and he was 29. They were married for five years before splitting, with Jackie describing the relationship on the No Filter podcast last year as "like a high school romance".

Lee Henderson and Jackie 'O' Henderson
Jackie described her divorces as 'dark times', pictured here with her ex-husband Lee. Photo: Instagram/jackieo_official

When it came to her second marriage to Lee Henderson, the host shared that it felt much more painful as they had been married for 15 years and shared a daughter, Kitty.

Now that she is dating again, Jackie said of the Red Flag Project, "I wish so much that I had known this earlier on, like, I envy girls who are watching this now at 20."

Elsewhere in the video, she added, "We used to see love bombing as, 'Oh my god, he loves me, this is everything I’ve ever wanted.'"

She then shared a surprising sex confession with Dr Corry and Dr Gladstone, "I’ve had some experiences in the bedroom that really haven’t been great at all. There’s really no way to sugar-coat it."

Jackie's followers were quick to thank the presenter for creating the course, with one user writing, "So needed! Well done."

"Great idea ladies, love that your making a positive difference for women," another said.


"This is so empowering! Love this ladies," a third wrote.

"I love this, I was so sick of seeing so many men telling women how to find love in a relationship!" a fourth added.

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