Jackie O breaks silence on 'massive fight' with Kyle as he misses second show

The radio duo came to blows during Tuesday morning’s broadcast.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has explained the surprising reason behind Kyle Sandilands’ absence on their radio show after they had a “massive fight” live on-air.

The pair had an argument about Covid 11 minutes into Tuesday morning’s broadcast, which resulted in Kyle storming out of the studio and refusing to come back.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.
Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has shared details about her ‘massive fight’ with Kyle Sandilands. Photo: Instagram/jackieo_official

After he didn’t show up to work on Wednesday morning, Jackie spoke openly about the incident live on-air alongside newsreader Brooklyn Ross and executive producer Pedro Vitola.

“Pedro’s filling in for Kyle because Kyle’s so bad at the moment. You may have heard yesterday a massive fight on the show, and then we ended up running like a ‘best of’,” she said.


“We had a fight, it was so stupid. People said to me, ‘What was it over?’ and I was like, I don’t know. We had a conversation about Covid and Brooklyn and I didn’t think it was necessary to isolate these days and it all kicked off from there.

“So our fight escalated massively and he ended the fight going, ‘F**k you, f**k you, f**k you, f**k everyone! You’re c**ksuckers!’.”

Kyle Sandilands looking angry on air.
Kyle stormed out of the studio following an argument with Jackie about Covid. Photo: KIIS

‘I actually feel really bad for him’

Jackie went on to say that she received a text from Kyle after the show apologising for his outburst, explaining that it was because he had been experiencing shoulder pain.

“He sent me a message and he said, ‘Honey I’m so sorry, I’m not myself. I’m on medication and I’m in so much pain’,” she recalled.

“I actually feel really bad for him. You know when you have back pain or any pain like that and it’s constant and it doesn’t go away and it goes for weeks, it changes you mentally. You’re so sick of it.”

The team added that Kyle had recently stopped taking his medication and didn’t come into work because he was “really cranky” from the pain.

“He pretty much said, ‘I don’t want to keep snapping. I’m uncomfortable, I get angry, there’s no point in coming in. I just need to get this better’,” Pedro detailed.


Kyle’s absence comes one week after he and Jackie signed a 10-year deal with ARN reportedly worth $200 million.

The new deal, which has been described as the biggest deal in Australian media history, will see the presenters’ salaries increase from $5 million to $10 million as they continue to work together until 2034.

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