Jack Vidgen's embarrassing online slip up

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Jack Vidgen has committed a hilarious online blunder in his Instagram story. Photo: Channel Nine/Instagram/jack.vidgen/

Since Jack Vidgen was catapulted back into the spotlight last month, the former child star’s every move has been watched by his ever-growing fan base.

And that’s meant that his 32,000 strong Instagram followers were privy to a rather hilarious gaffe The Voice contestant accidentally made last night.

The error was made in an Instagram story posted to Jack’s public account which was promoting his upcoming knockout episode.

Instead of writing ‘knockout’, Jack penned something a little more graphic.

“My Kockout is this Sunday at 7pm on Ch9,” he wrote.

Luckily for the 22-year-old, he was relatively quick to spot the blunder, posting a follow up story just one hour later clarifying the intended message.

“Omg knockout not kockout,” he wrote, clearing seeing the humour in the slip up.

Jack made the humorous gaffe as he was trying to promote his upcoming appearance on The Voice. Photo: Channel Nine/Instagram/jack.vidgen

Social media star

Earlier this week, the one-time winner of Australia’s Got Talent debuted a grown-up new look on Instagram, revealing he dyed his golden hair a peroxide blond.

“White hair don’t care x,” Jack wrote on his Insta stories alongside an image of himself pouting to camera.

Jack Vidgen in 2011(L) and in 2019 (R). Photo: Getty (L) and Channel Nine (R)

All grown up

And it’s not the first time Jack’s updated his look since returning to the spotlight.

When news of the comeback fist hit headlines, viewers quickly questioned just how different he looked from the 14-year-old Jack Vidgen they knew and loved when he won AGT in 2011.

While puberty has had a lot to do with it, the now 22-year-old also said he has had lip fillers, and despite speculation to the contrary, he actually hadn’t had any plastic surgery.

“I've never had plastic surgery or any surgery,” he told the Daily Telegraph, adding, “It's pretty obvious I've had my lips done with fillers”.

“These types of things [fillers] are common now, especially for people my age - it's not a big deal”.

Now on Guy Sebastian’s team on The Voice, Jack is set to compete in the knockouts round this Sunday night.

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