'No regrets': Jack Vidgen gets real about changing his look

Jack Vidgen transformation
Jack Vidgen looking all grown up. Photos: Getty/Instagram

When Jack Vidgen returned to the spotlight and the music scene after some time away from the public eye it was his appearance that actually had a lot of people talking.

Gone was the 14-year-old boy with the ‘voice of an angel’ who had won hearts on Australia’s Got Talent in 2011, replaced instead by a 20-something young adult, who some fans claimed was ‘unrecognisable’.

Now, as he prepares to compete for a chance to represent Australia at Eurovision 2020, Jack Vidgen has opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about why he wouldn’t want to be an advocate for changing the way you look, despite admitting to getting lip fillers.

“When I got my lips done that was my insecurity and I got my lips done, and now it’s not an insecurity anymore,” Jack tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“It’s not even a thing that goes through my mind so for me that’s a positive thing, there is no negative side that goes through my mind.”

While he says that what someone does to their own body is their business he does stress nobody should feel they have to change the way they look.

“I’m not an advocate for changing how you look. It’s your own body and it’s very specific to everyone. I don’t think anyone needs anything,” he says, adding he definitely doesn’t regret getting his lip done.

Jack Vidgen on The Voice Australia 2019
Jack Vidgen returned to our screens on The Voice last year. Photo: Channel Nine

Jack has always hit back at plastic surgery rumours with his appearance becoming the subject of much speculation online.

“I’ve never been under the knife, i’ve never had plastic surgery,” he reiterates to us.

“Maybe when I’m 60 I might want a face lift, who knows,” he quips.

When questioned about his appearance back in 2017, Jack tweeted: “Omg have people heard of a thing called puberty?”

His mother also reportedly shut down cosmetic surgery rumours, writing on Facebook, “Jack has never had even one cosmetic surgery procedure. He has gone from a little boy to a man.. his looks changed because he grew up!”

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