Jack Vidgen's jaw-dropping comeback

Jack Vidgen made his triumphant return on The Voice
Jack Vidgen made his triumphant return to the stage on Sunday's episode of The Voice. Photo: Nine

Eight years after winning Australia’s Got Talent, Jack Vidgen has returned to the stage in a big way.

Delighting fans of The Voice on Sunday night, the now 22-year-old belted out a soulful rendition of Adele’s Hello, bringing many in the studio audience to their feet and prompting all four coaches to turn around.

“Yes!” screamed Delta Goodrem, as the crowd loudly cheered.

While he was immediately recognised by both Delta and Guy Sebastian, the other two coaches were shocked by the rousing reception he got from the studio audience.

“Do you normally get this reaction when you do perform?” Boy George quizzed.

“George he’s like very well known here,” Guy stepped in to explain, “I’m just shocked to see you like on stage, I’m so glad to see you and your voice, my gosh.”

“Seriously though,” a stunned Delta added, “when they said that we were going to have the biggest voices ever I didn’t know they meant this big, I did not know this was possible.”

Jack confessed that this was his first performance in five years, and it was clear from the smile on his face that he was pleased with the reaction it inspired.

People were on their feet for Jack Vidgen's performance on The Voice
Members of the audience were on their feet for Jack Vidgen's performance on The Voice. Photo: Nine

‘I blocked out my family and friends’

After winning AGT in 2011 at age 14, Jack produced two albums and travelled to the LA to try and break the US market, but things didn’t go to plan.

“I was 16, I left everyone behind me and I isolated myself in a way,” he told

“I kind of cut people out of my life. I blocked out my family, I blocked out my friends.”

“I was in this little bubble in LA and I think it was the only thing I really felt control over at that point.”

He quickly burnt through his $250,000 prize money funding his own stay in the States, and said he saw a pretty dark side to the entertainment industry.

Upon his return to Australia, Jack threw in his singing career and picked up jobs in retail and the aged care sector.

Brain tumour removed

In 2014, Jack’s attention had to be turned to his health when he was found to have a brain tumour behind his eye.

“I have been trying to decide whether to go public with this,” he wrote on his Facebook page at the time, “But you guys have been a big part of the last three years of my life so here it is”.

“First off I had to have an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging scan) on Monday - it showed there was a mass lesion (tumour) behind my eye. I then saw an ocular plastic surgeon who said it had to come out urgently.”

After his first surgery, he informed fans that he’d have to go back again as the tumour potentially wasn’t completely removed.

“If it is not then the possibility of what's left inside turning nasty is high,” he wrote.

“So it looks like I'll have to go back in for surgery again.”

The entertainer recovered well, and fast forward five years and he’s back in the limelight.

The reaction to his comeback

Despite being welcomed with open arms by the studio audience, on social media, the reaction to his big return was mixed.

Many were captivated by his powerful vocals, but others couldn’t get past his changed appearance.

“Poor Jack. His lips look like they hurt,” one person said.

Jack has spoken openly about getting lip fillers but says he’s never had plastic surgery and that much of the change is down to puberty.

Jack Vidgen had Delta Goodrem stunned
Jack Vidgen had Delta Goodrem stunned. Photo: Nine

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