Irresistible new Easter treats from Woolworths, Aldi and Kmart

It's nearly Easter and the kids are probably already pestering you for certain eggs they would like in their haul this year.

Whether you're on the hunt for the kids or for you and your partner, there are lots of delicious varieties on the market right now.

Easter egg montage including tiny eggs, Nomo eggs in pink packaging, a woman in white bunny ears and yellow hoodie, a bubble o bill egg and a pink bullet egg.
They're for the kids, right? Or not. Choose your favourite eggs now.

One of the most talked-about newcomers is the Easter egg version of the age-old favourite ice cream, Bubble O'Bill.


The chocolate egg version of this treat features milk chocolate with caramel and berry pieces, but don't think they've forgotten Bill's iconic nose.

Kids (or adults) will discover not one but five of the bubblegum noses secreted inside the chocolate egg!

The new Bubble O'Bill Easter egg in its bright blue and pink packaging.
The new Bubble O'Bill Easter egg will excite ice-cream fans. Photo: Woolworths

Woolworths has this egg exclusively this year for $10, but that's not all they have.

Add some colour to your Easter this year with Allen’s Freckles, $10.

Each egg is filled with delicious and colourful Allen's Freckles.

Nomo fruit and crunch vegan easter egg, Cadbury Caramilk marble bunnies, Allens Freckles filled Easter egg
These fabulous eggs will satisfy everyone in the family. Photo: Woolworths

For those who can't eat dairy but don't want to miss out on the chocolate Easter egg fun, the Nomo egg, $15 (with a Nomo bar inside), has the perfect combination of smooth creamy vegan chocolate with crunchy crispy pieces and juicy raisins.

As well as being dairy-free, it is also gluten-free, nut-free and egg-free.

For sharing, Cadbury's Caramilk marble bunnies, $8, filled with a hazelnut praline centre will have everyone reaching for more.

Darrell Lea Bullets milk chocolate raspberry egg, chocolate bilby and raspberry flavoured milk chocolate hunting eggs
Darrell Lea treats for Easter. Photo: Woolworths

Woolies also has a fabulous range of Darrell Lea Easter treats, including Raspberry Bullets Milk Chocolate Egg, $4, Raspberry Flavoured Milk Chocolate Hunting Eggs, $4.50, and the famous Darrell Lea Milk Chocolate Bilby, $7.

Aldi has their own range of chocolate and this year, joining the ever-popular Choceur Flame Egg, $8.99, a milk chocolate egg filled with a selection of praline chocolates, are two new flavours of chocolate bunny.

Aldi's Choceur chocolate flame egg, white chocolate cookies and cream bunny, caramel chocolate bunny and premium milk chocolate bunny
Aldi has added some new and interesting flavours to their range this year, including white chocolate cookies and cream and caramel chocolate. Photo: Aldi

The Dairy Fine White Chocolate Cookies & Cream Bunny, $5.99, is a creamy white chocolate bunny with crunchy cookie pieces and the Dairy Fine Caramel Chocolate Bunny, $5.99 is a luxuriously creamy caramelised chocolate bunny.

Three large eggs in boxes, one with sprinkles and the others milk chocolate.
Kids will love these fun Easter eggs from Aldi. Photo: Aldi

Aldi's Hugos Kids Gift Eggs, $5.99 are great for the kids and come in Hundreds & Thousands, Raspberry & Popping Candy or Honeycomb flavours, and the Choceur Premium Easter Bunny, $5.99, come in milk chocolate and caramel chocolate.

Kmart also has some exclusive Easter eggs in store this year.

Allen's Retro Party Mix Easter Egg, $10, has all your lolly favourites in the centre, Nestle KitKat Milk Chocolate Easter Egg Casket, $10, with KitKat treats inside and, for vegans, Kmart has the Nomo Caramel and Sea Salt Chocolate Egg for $10.00.

The KitKat Easter egg, Allens Retro Party Mix Easter egg, Nomo Caramel and sea salt Easter egg and Cadbury marble hazelnut egg all from Kmart
Kmart has some top new choices for Easter this year. Photo: Kmart

In their own range, they have some really pretty gift treats, including a five-pack of Decorated Chocolate Easter Eggs, $6.00, Park Avenue Happy Hot Chocolate Easter Melt, $3.00 and an Easter mug with a cocoa bomb and mini marshmallows, $8.

Kmart Easter gifts including the donut mug cake, hot chocolate Easter melts, mug with cocoa bomb and mini marshmallows and a 5 pack of decorated chocolate Easter eggs
Kmarts own range is pretty and will impress! Photo: Kmart

Now, which of these are the diet eggs ..?

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