The coolest heatless hair curling products: 'So amazing'

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Image of woman with long blonde curls, next to an image of various non-electric curling products.
People are loving the heatless curling hack going viral on TikTok. Photo: Tik Tok/sophiebarkleyy/Amazon/Heatless Hair

A head of full, bouncy hair makes us feel like we can achieve anything. A good hair day is a good day. Science.

But reaching said effortless waves usually requires lots of effort with heating tools and the risk of uneven curls.


Don't even get us started on the dry, damaged ends after the whole palaver. And who needs that

Fortunately, there are alternative ways to get effortless waves, without the heat and damage.

Here, we list the top five heatless curling products that will change your life.

Heatless Curling Rod Headband

Currently going viral on TikTok is the satin headband rod curling set.

While it's not a new curling technique, the results are blowing everyone away, without using heat or multiple tools.

Simply place the rod on the top of your head and clip it in place, then twist your hair outwards around the rod from the top.

Tie the ends off with the scrunchie and leave in overnight to get bouncy curls for days.

Way too cool

"This product is so amazing I bought one for all the gals in my family!" a happy customer revealed on Amazon.

"Sleep with it overnight (not uncomfortable at all) and your curls will actually last for days.

"So simple, so awesome, so much time saved. Can't recommend enough!"

Try the trend yourself with the silk heatless curling rod available for $27.48 on Amazon.

Foam hair rollers

If you're looking for tighter waves, the foam hair roller set from Amazon has nearly 2000 rave reviews from amazed customers.

For $41.23 you'll get 40 compact foam hair rollers to twist through your hair in a wide range of fun colours.

Covered in soft satin to protect hair strands, the rollers are designed to be slept in to achieve lasting maximum results.

Set of five coloured polkadot foam rollers.
These foam rollers make curling hair super easy with individual rollers for all hair types. Photo: Amazon

"I loved how easy they were to use!" a user said.

"This is my first time using curlers and I love them."

The brand recommend using hair spray on dry hair before twisting, et voila.

Kitsch Satin Pillow Rollers

Featuring widely on TikTok are the Kitsch satin pillow rollers.

The silky material is the perfect consistency for hair to glide through without tugging, while the satin reduces friction and frizz.

The Kitsch rollers are great for fine, medium, thick, curly, wavy and straight hair, and dry or damp hair.

Start twisting from the roots to create extra volume.

Own yours now for $27.50.

SLIP Skinny Scrunchies

Create your own curl by braiding and plaiting your hair with the SLIP silk scrunchies.

Made from 100% mulberry silk, these award-winning scrunchies are designed to hold hair tightly while protecting the hair from breakage.

Designed in Australia, one pack includes six black scrunchies, offering plenty of wear and durability.

Shop them now for $50 from The Iconic.

Small black silk scrunchies against a white background.

Heatless Hair Curling Ribbon

You may see this brand across TikTok, because they work an absolute treat.

The curling ribbon is handmade to order in LA, so each curling ribbon is entirely bespoke.

For most hair types, the curling ribbon is 34-36" long for a variety of hair lengths.

The scrunchies are made from 100% satin charmeuse, which is soft to touch and prevents damage.

For $82, the kit includes the curling ribbon, a pink hair clip, two pink scrunchies and an instructional card to help you get those waves.

A young girl sits on her bathroom stool looking in the mirror with a pale pink hair curling band in her hair.
Achieve maximum results with bespoke satin hair ribbons handmade in LA. Source: Heatless Hair

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