What Are Some Popular Internet Trends That Are Actually Toxic?

Let's face it: Some internet trends are lighthearted, while others are causing much more harm than good.

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So, we want to know: Which popular internet trends are you tired of — and think are actually toxic?

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Like, maybe you are done with family vloggers because you feel like many parents expose their kids' private moments for entertainment and money.

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Perhaps you're tired of other family internet trends like gender reveals...which people have even made dangerous just for views.

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Or maybe you feel like the internet is FILLED with consumerism — with ads everywhere and influencers constantly telling you to buy products. And it's even caused you to spend tons of money on things you didn't need — or weren't even good.

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Perhaps you're simply annoyed with how common it has become to post "educational" information that's actually false on social media.

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Or maybe you can't stand when people film strangers' reactions for viral content, and you think it's such an invasion of privacy.

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In the comments below, tell us the popular internet trends you're tired of — and be sure to explain why you think they're problematic. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, you can use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.