Influencer's raunchy admission leaves podcast co-host in hysterics

A saucy secret about influencer Steph Claire Smith was revealed during her latest podcast episode.

Keep It Cleaner podcast hosts and influencers Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw were left in fits of laughter on the latest episode of their podcast after a raunchy detail about Steph's life came to light.

In the segment, a friend of Steph's revealed that Steph used to have some "sexy nurse outfits" that she'd wear for her then-boyfriend and now husband, Josh Miller.

Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw laughing after Steph admitted to dressing up in nurse outfits for her partner Josh Miller.
Steph Claire Smith made a raunchy admission on the Keep it Cleaner podcast, leaving her co-host Laura Henshaw shocked. Photo: SCA

"Then you would hide them, and your mum would clean your room for you, and she would find them and then hang them up all nicely for you and never mention it," her friend divulged via a voice memo sent to Steph, as Laura laughed hysterically.

"You had nurse outfits?!" Laura yelled in shock.


"Did you put a voice on?" Laura then asked.

"Obviously, I used to put on an English accent," Steph confirmed. "It'd just play out like we didn't know each other."

"We've known each other forever!" Steph said, after seeing Laura's shocked face. "I think that's why I used to play characters!"

"I can imagine your mum putting it away [for you]," Laura said. "But the thoughts that would have gone through her mind... still being the kind-hearted lady and hanging it up for you."


Steph, 29, has been with her partner Josh Miller since she was in her teens, with Steph first developing a crush on Josh when she was 12 after her family purchased a holiday house beside Josh's family.

They married in 2019 and welcomed their first child, Harvey, in 2021.

Steph and Laura co-founded health and wellness brand Keep It Cleaner together in 2015. The brand now boasts an app, two podcasts, merch, and earlier this year the two released their first book You Take Care, a realistic guide to looking after yourself in your 20s and 30s.

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