Laura Henshaw: 'Running is the most powerful way to declutter my mind'

In recognition of Mental Health Week, and to celebrate the launch of Keep it Cleaner's KICRUN program, Laura Henshaw opens up to Yahoo Lifestyle about why you should stop thinking you 'hate' running.

laura henshaw keep it cleaner run
Laura explains that there is so much more to running than just the physical benefits. Photo: Supplied

"Looking after our mental health shouldn’t be something that we suddenly introduce when the feelings of anxiety, frustration or sadness become too overwhelming.

It’s important to find the things that fill your cup and make you smile, then fit them into your life on a regular basis.

Mental health tools come in all shapes and sizes, it’s all about finding what works for you, your very own recipe to mental health! It could be meditation, journalling, sweating it out in a HIIT class or catching up with a friend for a coffee. For me, it’s running.


If you’re reading this article thinking to yourself ‘I am not a runner’, this isn’t for me, I encourage you to keep reading, because I’ve been working on something that will help switch your mindset to ‘I AM A RUNNER’.

But first… There is so much more to running than just the physical benefits, in fact the main reason why I continue to run is purely down to the way it makes me feel!

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When I pop my headphones in and set off on a run, I’m able to switch off from the day that was or the busy day ahead and just focus on me. Running is my form of meditation, it’s the most powerful way for me to declutter my mind and sweat off any built up stress.

Running is also an incredible mood booster. So many of us would’ve experienced that sluggish lockdown feeling lately, well running has really helped me combat this. Once you get your body moving and blood pumping the endorphin rush is just phenomenal, and the post-runner’s high is second to none.

When it comes to running, you either love it or you ‘think’ you hate it, and if you’re leaning towards the latter, I’m excited to fill you in on a not-so-secret secret.

And, in light of World Mental Health Week, I challenge you to give running a go, you have no idea how strong you are until you try.

laura henshaw KIC Run
Laura: 'Running is my form of meditation' Photo: Supplied

That's why Keep it Cleaner has launched KICRUN; our 8-week audio guided beginner run program designed to break down this negative mental barrier and help you run 5km with confidence.

Designed specifically for new runners or anyone who is ready to return to running after a break, we use intervals of running and walking to allow your body to adapt and build on your tolerance.

Words by Laura Henshaw.

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