Influencer slammed after mocking her 'lazy' followers: 'Entitled and tasteless'

"You are lazy. And they are not. They are disciplined and you are not."

Influencer Henrietta Moody, who goes by @henny_moody online, has been slammed on Instagram after sharing a 'tone-deaf' and 'toxic' video mocking her followers and calling them 'lazy' for not leading the same life she is.

Henrietta shared the video on Wednesday, showing off her morning routine, as she told her followers why they don't have the things that she has, with the video also being shared to the influencertea_aus Instagram account.

Influencer Henny Moody
Influencer Henny Moody has been slammed on Instagram after sharing an 'entitled and tasteless' video mocking her followers and calling them 'lazy'. Photo: Instagram/henny_moody

"You wanna know the difference between you and someone who wakes up early and has mastered the morning routine?" Henrietta asks.

"And I can guarantee you, none of these bimbo influencers with aesthetically pleasing routines, perfect wardrobes, immaculate skincare regimes and impeccable training schedules have ever had the courage to tell you this.


"Well today is that glorious day and I hope that this message sticks with you a lifetime, are you ready? Listen up closely because I am about to change your life. You are lazy. And they are not. They are disciplined and you are not. You are full of bulls**t excuses and they are not.

"They are hungry to make their goals happen. You don't even try and yet every day you complain that you don't have the dream life that you want, every day you deflect outwards, you're envious, you're mad at the world and you blame everyone and anything but yourself.

She continued, "Start focusing inwards, start being angry with yourself, use that anger, use that energy to change your life and take some responsibility. There is no f**king secret to it, it is as simple as this: you go to bed with purpose, your alarm goes off, you get your a** up to the gym, no matter how you feel and every time you think of snoozing your alarm, think of me telling your how lazy your are and that you will forever be a prisoner of your s***ty life and then make the decision to prove me wrong and do it for you."

Henny Moody
The influencer was for the video, with many saying that most people can't lead a similar life due to different jobs and priorities. Photo: Instagram/henny_moody

Her followers were quick to share their thoughts, with one user writing, "Imagine basing your entire day on your appearance and claiming it as success. What a waste of a purposeful life."

"How disgusting entitled and tasteless and entirely tone-deaf is this," another said. "What about all of the people who are dealing with mental health issues and can’t do the perfect morning routine? The depressed ones who want to be motivated but physically cannot? This is just giving ‘I’m better than you and that’s a fact’ vibes."

"Would love to see your perception when your job as an influencer runs out of time and you actually have to get an actual job where you have to leave your house and if you also decide to have kids then you need to work the gym around who is looking after the kids while your at the gym before you go to work, or who’s going to cook dinner and bath then while you go to the gym or even how you can fit a morning routine in when you work night shift," a third said.

"When and if you ever have to venture into the real world with a real job away from social media maybe when you might reconsider what you are saying. Maybe then you might eat your words. None of your posts have any real substance to them and not even this post.... Maybe try and post a morning routine everyone can relate to and spread positivity all around!"

Someone else added: "Wow, such inspiring advice, does this apply to working single mothers who have to wake up at 6.30am and get themselves and their kids ready for work/school and then go work, come home, do school run and then cook dinner etc? This post is very tone deaf and doesn't apply to most people who have families and have households to run. Who are you to use the term 'bimbo influencers'? You need a reality check and you need to be humbled."

"Is this satire?" another user questioned.

"You need a reality check, not everybody sits behind a 'computer screen' posting content to make a living. Majority of people have 'real jobs' and work 9-5 & have families and other priorities to tend to," one person wrote.

Some loved the message, however, with one user writing, "Love everything about this except calling other women bimbos… I don’t feel that’s necessary to get your point across? But yes you’re right… I am lazy."

"How do I set this as my alarm tone tho because I need it," another joked.


"What a msg! Friggen love it," a third said. "You do what you need to make it work for you! I’m up at 4am 7 days a [week] making time for me - I get s**t done before my family wakes, before I switch into mum mode, into work mode & then back to mum mode! Partner is FIFO & is rarely home - so basically solo parenting [here]! If anyone is triggered by this, then maybe the shoe fits…"

Henrietta then hit out at the backlash, saying, "I'm giving hard facts. Humans are lazy. We live in a culture of victim mentality and laziness. And I refuse to use my channel to support that."

She added that her message was "bringing the heat" and shared that she was brave enough to "speak her voice".

"I've lost hundreds of followers from the post but I don't give a f**k," she said, adding there were many people who she had 'motivated' with the video.

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