Influencer shocks with 'disgusting' restaurant act: 'No shame'

The influencer surprised diners with her racy act outside a restaurant.

An influencer has shocked people online after she pulled a racy move during a photo shoot outside a busy restaurant.

In a video shared on the popular Instagram account @influencersinthewild, a woman is seen straddling a chair in a walkway outside a number of restaurants.

Diners are surrounding the woman as somebody photographs her from behind as she wears tiny booty shorts.

The photoshoot then takes a racy turn as the influencer stands up from her chair and pulls her shorts down, revealing her bare backside to surrounding diners.

She pulls her shorts down to her upper thighs before sitting back on the chair and baring her all to the camera.

An influencer straddles a chair and pulls her shorts down.
The influencer shocked diners when she pulled her shorts down. Source: Instagram/@influencersinthewild

Following the photo shoot the influencer stands to walk away but her shorts are still wrapped around her thighs as she makes her way down the street.


Followers of the Instagram account were shocked by the influencer's actions and flocked to the comments to share their opinion.

"This is disgusting," one commented.

"People really have no shame," another added.

"I am by no means a prude but surely this is public indecency?" a third questioned while somebody else commented, "Classless".

Some however defended the influencer's photo shoot, with one saying: "I love the confidence."

"I mean to have that confidence is the real gift. People be b****ing in the comments but this babe be living her unapologetic best life. You do you boo," one wrote.

"Let people live! Life’s too short not to shake a lil a** for the world," another said.

"Zero f***s given! This is how I want to live my life!" a comment read.

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