Influencer, 76, flaunts 27kg transformation in bikini snap: 'Inspiration'

Fitness influencer Joan MacDonald has wowed her followers with a snap of her toned physique after completely transforming her life.

The 76-year-old, who has more than a million followers on Instagram, overhauled her lifestyle after she was on medication for high blood pressure and acid reflux and was suffering from "extremely painful" arthritis.

Taking matters into her own hands, Joan worked to change her habits with help from her daughter Michelle and renewed her gym membership and completely transformed her body.

"I can honestly say I am a different woman than I was when I started out," she wrote of her journey on her website Train With Joan.

Joan MacDonald sits on the sand and poses on a beach in a swimsuit.
Joan MacDonald has lost more than 27kg since overhauling her lifestyle. Source: Instagram

The influencer, who has lost more than 27kg, has now posted a glowing snap on Instagram, looking a picture of health as she poses in a swimsuit on the beach.

The woman's toned arms and legs are on display as she throws her head back and smiles, proving age is no barrier.

Joan sent fans into a frenzy with her gorgeous snap, with many praising her as an "inspiration".


"Sometimes I think I should take a glamourous, sexy photo of myself while I still can ... and now, I look at this absolutely stunning photo of you and say, there's no time limit on taking a gorgeous photo! Thank you for the inspiration," one wrote.

"Joan you look amazing, such an inspiration," another said.

"Wonderful and powerful woman," a third commented.

Joan has shared a number of photos showing off her transformation on Instagram and earlier this month the influencer stunned followers with a before and after photo.

A photo shows Joan MacDonald exercising (left) and wearing a bikini on the beach (right).
Joan MacDonald flaunts her toned bikini body in a before and after snap. Source: Instagram

The before photo shows Joan lifting a weight in a gym at the beginning of her journey, while the photo following her transformation shows Joan looking confident as she poses on the beach in a black bikini top and metallic gold bottoms.

"I didn't starve myself skinny. I didn't avoid entire food groups to lose weight. I didn't have a 'good' foods, 'bad' foods approach. I didn't do circuit workouts," she wrote on Instagram.

Followers praised the fitness influencer for giving them the motivation to take control of their health.

"You are amazing," one wrote.

"I am just in awe of you," another said.

"I'm your age, I'm going to go for it," a third added.

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