‘Incredibly dark’ greeting card for new parents sparks debate

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A greeting card for new parents, which is intended to be funny and relatable, has instead gone viral for dividing Twitter users.

The card's message sparked quite the reaction, with some slamming it for being ‘incredibly dark' - "Hope your baby does better than your plants," it reads.

Viral greeting card.
Twitter users were divided between whether the card was hilarious or a joke taken too far. Photo: Twitter/@thisisAlanTurk

Available online for $6.90 if you wish to purchase it yourself, the card has sparked a social media flurry after one UK user shared the photo on Twitter.

People were clearly split between deciding whether the celebratory words were hilarious or a joke taken too far.

“I would find it funny if I was given this,” someone replied. “Luckily my kids are fine, mostly because if I don’t water them they let me know.”

“Seriously though, both my babies have fortunately done much better than all my plants,” another added. “It’s a fair comment.”

“This is something I’d actually say to someone,” a different user wrote, while a fourth shared, “I just had to send this to a pregnant colleague.”


While many people online found the humour in the post, others acknowledged that it was inappropriate.

“This is totally up my street but even I could never,” one person commented.

Minimalistic home interior with composition of home garden. Plants love.
Some thought the plant joke was funny. Photo: Getty

“Okay I wouldn’t even send this to my brother and I can say pretty much anything to my brother,” another admitted.

“This need to be snarky all the time is depressing,” someone added. “It’s a happy time, can we not just say ‘congratulations’? I am reasonably blasé about most things/insults but if someone bought me this I’d think they were a nasty a******e trying to diminish my joy.”

Many users also shared photos of similarly honest cards that they’ve purchased, including one that says: ‘Mum, you’re one of my favourite parents’.

TikTok trend divides internet

The viral greeting card comes after a new TikTok food trend also had the internet divided.

The recipe, dubbed ‘pasta chips’, involves putting cooked and seasoned pasta in an air fryer so it goes crunchy.

Pasta chips.
Crunchy pasta chips are the internet’s latest obsession. Photos: TikTok/@feelgoodfoodie/@cookingwithayeh

All you need to do is boil pasta, mix it with seasonings of your choice and bake in the air fryer for seven minutes.

While the trend has clearly taken off, with over 500 million views on the video platform, others have simply called it ‘dumb’.

“You turned cooked pasta back into raw pasta,” one follower pointed out.

“That’s a crime,” someone else wrote, while another user said, “just eat them out of the box”.

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