I'm A Celebrity's major editing fail reveals next star to enter the jungle

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I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! fans already know the next star entering the jungle on Wednesday night thanks to a major editing fail that gave it away instantly.

On Tuesday night's episode, Channel 10 'teased' viewers with some clues about the next star to enter the jungle, and while they may have been trying to be coy, it was immediately obvious for many who the person is.

Davina Rankin's tattoo on I'm A Celeb
An editing fail on Tuesday night's I'm A Celeb episode revealed the next star set to enter the jungle. Did you notice? Photo: Ten

Married At First Sight's Davina Rankin was instantly recognisable thanks to her tattoos.

"I think a lot of people remember me as the villain," Davina tells the viewers. "I guess every show needs its villain."


She continues: "I was the most trolled person in Australia. It was a tough time, but, I mean, it has made me very resilient.

"If I can get through that, I think I can get through almost anything. I am truly ready for it."

Married At First Sight's Davina Rankin holding up a cocktail
Married At First Sight's Davina Rankin was immediately recognisable thanks to her tattoos. Photo: Instagram/Davina Rankin
Davina Rankin's eyes
While Ten didn't show much of the star, they showed enough so that fans were immediately sure of who the next celeb was. Photo: Ten

Viewers were shown a closeup of her hands, with her forearm tattoos prominently on display, as well as video of her eyes and long brown hair.

"It's Davina from MAFS... check out the tat," one fan Tweeted immediately.

"And now they’re adding Davina into the jungle OK i’m v happy about this," another wrote.

"Knew it was Davina in about 2.5 secs, still have no idea who Joey Essex is," a third wrote, comparing the MAFS star to the British reality star from The Only Way Is Essex.

When Davina enters the jungle she will be reunited with David Subritzky, AKA The David, who has been planted by producers with the backstory that he's an international shoe designer who has worked with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Cardi B.

I'm A Celebrity Australia's David
I'm A Celebrity Australia fans are loving the show's biggest twist as a fake influencer, The David, joined the celebrities. Photo: Ten

Davina and David have known each other since 2018, the pair celebrated the MAFS star's 27th birthday together in Brisbane with David jokingly referring to her as his "Mrs".

Davina also wrote that she was "so in love" with David at the time.

Poh Ling Yeow was tasked with the challenge of convincing the rest of the group that David is in fact an influencer and designer with millions of followers in order to win food for the group.

David recently celebrated his first anniversary with boyfriend Stephen James, while Davina is engaged to Jaxon Manuel, the father of her daughter Mila-Mae, two.

It will be interesting to see whether Davina will reveal David's real identity to the rest of the celebs!

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