Beau Ryan's 'salty' reaction to I'm A Celebrity's fake influencer: 'Is he serious?'

The shock I'm A Celebrity 'twist' was finally revealed on Sunday night's episode, with the news that The David was in fact a fake influencer seemingly leaving fellow campmate Beau Ryan completely 'mind-blown'.

The former NRL star appeared particularly betrayed by the revelation that David - who had been posing as a shoe designer and influencer with millions of followers - was really just a guy from the Gold Coast called David Subritzky, with fans taking to Twitter saying the former NRL star needed to "calm down".

I'm a Celebrity fake influencer david
The I'm a Celebrity fake influencer was finally revealed. Photo: Channel 10

Beau Ryan had the biggest reaction to the revelation, even questioning whether UK star Joey Essex was 'real'.

"I've had full-blown conversations with him. I can't work it out. Like... I can't... What the hell? Joey Essex is real, yeah?" he asked in his piece to camera.

"I'm in shock. I feel like I'm the only person down there spinning out about it.

"Everyone's like, 'Whoa! Whoa!' And I'm just like, just think about everything that's transpired over the last week, and none of it's true. Is his name even David? Is it? I'm like, 'What the hell's going on?'"


Fans of the show were surprised by Beau's strong reaction to the news, with one joking that The Amazing Race host appeared 'heartbroken'.

"Beau is SO BETRAYED," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Is Beau serious? Is it that big of a deal? Calm down," another asked.

"Beau be very salty," was another comment, while a fourth wrote: "Bahahaha! Beau shot down in a blaze of glory."

beau ryan on im a celebrity
Beau Ryan was especially upset by the shock twist. Photo: Channel 10

In an I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! first, viewers were introduced to fake influencer, The David last week after he infiltrated the camp as part of a challenge for MasterChef's Poh Ling Yeow.

Hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown tasked Poh with the challenge of convincing the other campmates that The David is a real influencer in order to win food for the celebs.

David he told the celebs about how people like Miley Cyrus and Cardi B have worn his shoes with Poh pretending to be a fan in order to fool the others.

Taking to Instagram beforehand, David captioned a snap of himself ready for the jungle, writing: "Fake it til you make it I say! I've scammed my way into the [I'm a Celeb] jungle!!!"

When he arrived on the show, David told the cameras: "I personally think I'm good at bulls***ting, but this is gonna be the ultimate test.

"I"m gonna have to lie about my manager that I've never had, events that I've never been to, it is going to be so hard, but I'm ready to take on this persona – I am The David, it's show time bitches."

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