Bachelor's Abbie called a 'putrid dog' by online trolls

She was dumped by Matt Agnew in front of the whole country on last week’s The Bachelor Australia finale but Abbie Chatfield has claimed one of the worst parts about the show has been the ‘rough’ trolling she’s faced online.

The 23-year-old property analyst has now hit out at people who have called her everything manipulative and mean to a ‘putrid dog’.

“It’s been rough. I think people were just confronted by a woman owning her sexuality on TV and I think Australia has a long way to go when it comes to that,” she said in an interview with 10 Daily.

Abbie Chatfield getting dumped on The Bachelor Australia
Abbie Chatfield has spoken out about the abuse she's copped online since The Bachelor finale aired. Photo: Channel 10

“If anyone’s saying that I’m ‘disgusting’ or when people are calling me a ‘putrid dog’, if anything, I feel like it comes down to internalised misogyny.”

“It’s actually quite upsetting to know that that's how our society as a whole deals with this.”

Abbie also took to her Instagram to tell her followers to be kinder to each other online.

“Your vibe attracts your tribe. Be kind to everyone, even on the Internet,” she weote.

Last week, Abbie was dealt a heartbreaking blow on The Bachelor, when Matt Agnew told her that his ‘heart belonged with someone else’.

Matt Agnew and Abbie Chatfield hold hands on The Bachelor Australia
The 23-year-old was certain that she had won over Matt Agnew's heart. Photo: Channel 10

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle Abbie revealed that yes, she trusted that she’d be standing next to Matt in the finale, largely because of his behaviour when the cameras stopped rolling.

Abbie ‘led on’ by Matt and producers

“Our date was actually the day before the finale, it was the opposite order of how it was shown [in the episode],” Abbies reveals.

“So I was with him at 11, 10 [pm] the night before”, she says, adding that Matt gave her no reason to expect he wouldn’t choose her.

“He was completely fine with me, he didn’t back off at all,” she explains.

Abbie Chatfield eating pizza and drinking aperol spritz
Abbie has taken to her Instagram to ask her followers to be kinder to each other. Photo: Instagram/Abbie Chatfield

“We were kissing off-camera, we were having cute moments off-camera, he was being his normal self,” she goes on.

Not only that, but the crew behind the scenes also led her to believe that she had it in the bag.

“All of the crew were like, ‘you’ve got it,’ not just the producers but like everyone, and everyone was like, ‘he’s obsessed with you,’” she says.

‘It messed with me’

Twelve hours later, Matt had seemingly changed his tune, choosing Chelsie, 28, instead.

“I did feel a little bit led on and that’s why I said to [Matt] ‘you shouldn’t have done that off-camera last night... because talking to me off-camera completely messed with me’,” Abbie reveals.

“Like if he hadn’t have spoken to me I would’ve been like, ‘cool, I know’,” she adds.

“And the on-camera stuff, like, I understand how the show works but the off-camera stuff made me pretty upset,” she says.

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