IKEA slashes up to 50% off popular items in massive sale

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IKEA has launched a massive sale, slashing up to 50% off some of their most popular items.

In a move that’s sure to thrill fans of the Swedish retailer who have decided to do some home renovations during the coronavirus lockdown, a stream of items have gone on sale both on the website and in-store.

IKEA Islande integrated fridge freezer
The Islande integrated fridge freezer has been reduced to $749, down from $1,499.Photo: IKEA

One of the most notable items included on the list is the Islande integrated fridge freezer, which has been reduced to $749, down from $1,499.

The white appliance is described on the site as being spacious and energy-saving, with auto defrost and smart storage to keep your food fresher for longer.

IKEA fridge freezer on sale
The integrated fridge freezer is a popular one amongst reviewers. Photo: IKEA

“You never have to defrost or scrap ice as the no frost function automatically regulates the humidity levels to prevent frost and ice formation on food or in the appliance,” it reads.

The integrated fridge freezer has also got rave reviews online, with one person writing: ”Highly recommend. Great value for price compared to what is available for these type of fridges. Sleek and stylish.”

 IKEA Mockelby oak dining table
The Mockelby oak dining table is down to $449 from $599 Photo: IKEA

“I've had this fridge for a little over two months. It is impressively quiet and the interior shelves are strong and very versatile. I had previously bought a far more expensive European brand, Ilve, which I ended up returning because it was just so noisy, and the interior had a lot of wasted space. I am very happy with this fridge. Easy to remove the criper and shelves to clean, even if the door is open just 90 degrees. No regrets,” another person wrote.

Others have said to be aware of the fact that the crisper drawer is not separate and the door only opens at a right angle.

The integrated fridge freezer is on sale until August 3rd, or until stocks run out.

IKEA Stofjorm two-door mirror cabinet
The Stofjorm two-door mirror cabinet, which has built-in lighting, is now priced at $165, down from $329. Photo: IKEA
 IKEA bathroom
The sales are set to lsat until August 3rd. Photo: IKEA

Amongst the other items on sale is the Mockelby oak dining table, which is down to $449 from $599 and the Stofjorm two-door mirror cabinet, which has built-in lighting, is now priced at $165, down from $329.

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