IKEA launches surprising new product that could save you thousands

You might normally think of IKEA as the place to go to for a new bookcase, desk, or bed, but now the Swedish furniture giant is selling something new - and it doesn’t come in a flatpack.

IKEA has partnered with Australian renewable energy company Solargain to produce and instal solar panels which could save you thousands in the long run.

Adelaide, Australia - October 29th, 2011: People walking by the large sign to the IKEA store in Adelaide Australia
Adelaide, Australia - October 29th, 2011: People walking by the large sign to the IKEA store in Adelaide Australia

The new IKEA home solar offer, SOLSTRÅLE, will be available from today (June 10) online at IKEA.com.au, for customers in Western Australia, Queensland, and Victoria, with remaining states to follow shortly afterwards.

CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer, Jan Gardberg, said he was proud that the IKEA Australia organisation could invite consumers to join them in their commitment to become climate positive.

“We are proud have developed this offer in collaboration with our partner, and we hope that this will encourage our customers to live a more sustainable everyday life by removing the barriers to investing in renewable energy,” he said.

A SOLSTRÅLE system will cost between $3,500-$7,000 depending on the size of the system and the government incentives and rebates available in each state, but consumers can then hope to save close to $2,000 a year from their solar installation.

Photo: Supplied/IKEA
The solar panels can be purchased online. Photo: Supplied/IKEA

Keera Single, CEO of Solargain, said they were looking forward to working alongside IKEA to bring an exclusive offering to the Australian market.

“We wanted to work with a partner that shared our vision to help more Australians experience the benefits of renewable energy,” Keera said.

“In working with a retailer like IKEA, we believe we can reach more households that are able to make the switch to solar, which is an exciting opportunity for us to be involved in.”

It also comes with a guarantee for the system to produce at least 80 per cent of what was quoted in a customer’s initial estimate, guaranteed for a period of five years.

Shoppers seemed intrigued by the idea of getting themselves a solar panel system from IKEA, with some taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Just when you thought IKEA had everything it has upped the ante. Thats right, IKEA solar panels are a thing now,” one person wrote.

Some joked they hoped the solar panels wouldn’t come as a flatpack.

“Hopefully IKEA isn't asking us to put together flatpack solar panels,” one fan quipped.

Luckily, the SOLSTRÅLE system includes full installation, so there will be none of that.

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