Husband's shock betrayal exposed in accidental Facebook post

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One seemingly insignificant click of a button has seen a husband's shocking betrayal exposed to the very person he was trying to keep it from: his ex-wife.

In a heartwrenching tale shared with NZ site Capsule, Naomi (not her real name) recalled how surprised she was to get a Facebook notification from her estranged husband David's aunty Liz.

Young man upset while his girlfriend uses a smartphone in bed. Photo: Getty Images.
A husband's true reason for splitting from his wife was exposed in a Facebook faux pas. Photo: Getty Images.

Baby betrayal

David and Naomi had split up eight months earlier when David had told Naomi that while he still loved her after 12 years together and a miscarriage, he wasn't in love with her.

They'd sold their house and moved into their own apartments, after which Naomi said her ex had 'fallen off the face of the planet'.

That was until she was tagged in an eyebrow-raising Facebook post about David by Aunty Liz, who Naomi had been close to while she and David were together.


"Congratulations to David and Naomi," Aunty Liz's post began. "And welcome to the world little Leonard Max! I can’t wait to meet my great-nephew!

"Apparently mother and baby are doing very well and Leonard has the family nose and lips. I can’t wait to see for myself."

Naomi's stomach dropped as she started putting two and two together. She shared a screenshot of the post with her friends who confirmed her suspicions that yes, David had had a baby with another woman.

Not only that, but the baby had arrived eight months after they'd split meaning little Leonard was conceived while David and Naomi were still technically together.

Naomi worried that she'd done something to turn her husband away, despite having gone above and beyond to support David through several difficult times such as his mother's death and starting a new job.

"I blamed myself," she said. "I wondered if I hadn’t been enough for him. If I’d been sad for too long after the miscarriage."

But what if the reason David had left was nothing to do with Naomi?

She confronted Aunty Liz who was horrified about her Facebook faux pas and claimed that she had no idea the couple had separated.

Aunty Liz told Naomi that David's new partner, the mother of his child, was called Marie. Naomi sent her a private message and was promptly blocked.

She toyed with exposing their identities online but hopes that they'll read her story with Capsule and realise it's about them.

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