Hunted stars react to bus driver's shock betrayal: 'Totally did not expect that'

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They managed to evade capture for eight days on the run, but unfortunately, Karen and Brittany’s time on Hunted came to an end when their bus driver alerted the Hunters of their location.

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle following their elimination on Monday night, the aunty and niece duo opened up about the experience, their unlikely encounters along the way, and what viewers didn’t get to see on TV.

Hunted stars Karen and Brittany.
Hunted stars Karen and Brittany open up about their experience on the show and what viewers didn’t get to see on TV. Photo: Channel Ten

“We had such an amazing journey and met so many incredible people. Every single person that we came across was so willing to help us,” Karen says.

“We totally did not expect that bus driver to ring in and dob us in. He was so helpful the day before and he literally told us where to go, but he was determined for us to get caught because not only did he ring once, he rang twice!”

“I hope they actually gave him the reward money,” Brittany laughs. “If we were actual fugitives on the run then good on them, they probably do need to dob us in.”


Besides the few members of the public who alerted the Hunters about their whereabouts, Karen and Brittany met “plenty of generous people” who assisted them on their journey, including their B&B host Carmel.

“She was just amazing,” Karen remarks. “And what a difference. She’s somebody who just went out of her way to help us without a ‘What's in it for me?’, as opposed to the bus driver.”

“We haven’t been in contact with her since then, but her house was just beautiful and I'm sure we will catch up with her again soon,” Brittany adds.

“Honestly, I kind of want to just go back and see the space around there without having people on our behinds and actually get to experience a bit more in the area. So she's offered that up for us as well if we ever want to come back.”

‘An absolute blast’

The pair went on to share that one of their favourite moments from the adventure was on their very first day, which was never aired on TV.

“We ended up on a bus full of school kids and we just immediately had this fantastic bond with them,” Karen details.

“And one of them literally gave us a complete tour of the countryside. He took us on an hour-long walk and he knew everywhere to go and I think that really set the scene for us because it was such a positive experience and it made us realise that people were willing to help.”

“They were really funny and light-hearted so it took a little bit of the stress away as well,” Brittany says.

Despite being captured earlier than they had hoped, Karen and Brittany admit that they had “an absolute blast” being on the run and would encourage future contestants to make sure they have fun along the way.

“We had the best holiday,” Brittany says with a laugh. “Everyone else seems to be giving us kudos for experiencing Victoria how we did and having some downtime and having a fair few laughs and I don't think I would change a lot.

“Lots of people thought that we were having a bit too much fun and we did all these mistakes, but at the end of the day, the Hunters didn't catch us because of those mistakes. They caught us because someone dobbed us in and that can happen to anyone, no matter how much planning they do.”

Hunted airs 7:30pm Sunday – Tuesday on Channel 10.

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