Hunted stars reveal what it's really like filming with a camera crew

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Ever since Hunted premiered last week, viewers have been asking the same questions on social media about the camera crew and how the Fugitives have managed to stay hidden from the Hunters when there’s someone following them and filming their every move.

Now, recently eliminated duo Derek and Courtney have spoken candidly with Yahoo Lifestyle about the experience and what viewers didn’t get to see on TV.

Hunted stars Derek and Courtney.
Hunted stars Derek and Courtney reveal what viewers didn’t get to see on TV. Photo: Channel Ten

Chatting about the reality of being on the run alongside a ‘covert camera operator’, the pair admit that they initially found it difficult to work with them.

“It took a while for us to get used to them and actually trust them as well,” Courtney says. “But at the end of the day, it was their job and they would be out of work if we got caught, so we became a team.

“They weren’t allowed to give us any information or anything, but they became like a support person for us and if we were feeling a bit stressed, they would kind of help us calm down a bit.”


“They were hiding with us as well,” Derek remarks. “If we were ducking behind a tree, they were ducking behind a tree too. They were good, they didn’t want us to get caught.”

Courtney adds that the cameraperson always managed to stay by their side whether they were running through back alleyways or jumping in a getaway car.

“Our person kept up with us the whole time,” she details. “They trained for a while to be able to keep up with us and the different things that we had to do, they had to do too. I think they did an alright job!”

Hunted's Deputy Intelligence Ben Owen.
Deputy Intelligence Ben Owen recently shared some behind-the-scenes secrets from the new reality show. Photo: Channel Ten

‘Replicating real life’

Derek and Courtney’s comments come shortly after Deputy Intelligence Ben Owen spoke with TV Tonight and revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets from the new reality show.

When asked about the CCTV footage that’s received at Hunted HQ, he explained that the camera crew travelling with the Fugitives will replicate cameras in the real world and send the footage to a third party “referee” who decides if the Hunters can have access to it.

“I’m not sure I can give you the exact mechanics of how it works from the ground back into production. But what I can say is it’s simulating, replicating real life,” he shared.

“Inasmuch as, if our fugitive gets on a train, we as Hunters have to confirm that there is CCTV on the train before we request it. If we don’t request it, we don’t get it.

“As it explains on Episode One, there is a covert camera operator with the fugitives,” he continued. “From that footage, we are able to access it, but only if we’re in the right place, at the right time, with the right time parameters and confirm there are cameras there. Only then will we get that information. So once again, it’s completely fair as to how they simulate it.”

Hunted airs 7:30pm Sunday – Tuesday on Channel 10.

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