Hunted: Everything you need to know about the Hunters

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If you were a fugitive, could you outrun the authorities and stay hidden for 21 days?

That is the scenario in the new reality TV show Hunted.

It is the ultimate cat-and-mouse type of adventure and those who manage to outsmart the Hunters and make it to the final Extraction Point will win a share of the $100,000 prize money.

But just who are these experts in investigation, intelligence and special ops who are hunting them down?


Dr David Craig - Chief

Hunted Chief David Craig is an exemplary Australian law enforcement veteran of considerable experience.

As a Detective Superintendent and Australian Federal Police (AFP) Agent, David led several high-profile investigations, including the 2005 Bali bombings investigation that tracked down South-East Asia’s most wanted terrorist Dr Azhari.

Hunted Chief Dr David Craig stands strong in navy suit featuring Australian flag pin
Hunted Chief Dr David Craig. Photo: Network 10

David also provided close personal protection to three Australian Prime Ministers and was deployed to a variety of countries and environments ranging from the jungles of East Timor to the deserts of Afghanistan.

David has trained and worked with several international undercover programs including the FBI, Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Since retiring from the AFP in 2013, David has run his own covert operations consultancy, working both in Australia and abroad.

As a recognised international covert operations specialist, there is no one better placed than Dr Craig to lead an elite team of Hunters in their quest to apprehend all 18 Fugitives before the 21 days are up.

"The Fugitives should never be underestimated," David says.

"An Aussie on the run is a very ingenious being. They were taking it very seriously, as seriously as we were," he adds.

Ben Owen - Deputy: Intelligence

Former British Intelligence Officer, Ben Owen is an internationally recognised expert in surveillance and covert operations.

Hunted's Deputy, Intelligence Ben Owen stands one hand in pocket, in blue shirt with black tie, sleeves rolled up to partially reveal tattoos
Deputy, Intelligence Ben Owen. Photo: Network 10

Joining Hunted as Deputy: Intelligence, Ben has gathered intelligence for some of the most high-profile manhunts in British history across a 10-year career.

Before intelligence, Ben served in the British military as a sniper deployed around the globe.

Moving into the private sphere, Ben’s covert intelligence work has proven integral in keeping many lives safe.

A part of the Hunted UK team since the first season in 2015, Ben brings an unrivalled understanding of what drives the Fugitives and effective tactics to track them down, having served as both Deputy Chief and Chief on the award-winning UK series.

Ben now works in cyber security and digital intelligence, advising organisations around the globe on cyber safety and necessary protections in an increasingly volatile digital world.

With many years of experience in high-pressure environments, Ben remains calm under fire and promises to bring his laser focus to the Hunted investigation.

"It sounds horrible but we LOVE when [paranoia] kicks in," Ben says about the Fugitives under surveillance.

"They're walking along the street, they hear a noise and think it's us. A car turns a corner, they think it's us. A plane or helicopter goes overhead, they think it's us."

Ben concedes that the Aussie contestants were good though, making fewer mistakes than their British counterparts.

"In the real world you're hunting fugitives for maybe years," he says. "I must say, the Australian version... it's the most amount of Fugitives we've ever had to catch in the shortest amount of time so we are massively up against it.

"The odds are stacked against us, but we're going to do an incredible job."

Reece Dewar - Deputy: Operations

As Hunted’s Deputy: Operations, Reece Dewar brings to the investigation a wealth of varied experience drawn from a highly-decorated 30-year career.

During 23 years spent with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in training and operational deployment, Reece served in the Special Operations Command for 12 years and was awarded the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for services to the Special Operations Community.

Hunted's Deputy, Operations Reece Dewar OAM stands hands crossed in black suit, blue shirt, map in background
Deputy, Operations Reece Dewar OAM. Photo: Network 10

Highly experienced in counter-terrorism and offshore recovery operations, following his retirement from the military, Reece served as an advisor to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government in Special Operations for seven years.

Upon returning to Australia in 2018, Reece became Venue Security Operations Coordinator for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Corporation and has since established elite training firms providing niche capability training to law enforcement, military, security and executive firms.

Reece’s significant tactical and operational skills will be rightly feared by the Fugitives as he leads and deploys the various Ground Hunter teams, not stopping until each Fugitive is apprehended.

Jason Edelstein - Lead Cyber

Jason Edelstein brings over 20 years of commercial information security experience to the Hunted HQ team, taking on the role of Lead Cyber.

Jason has worked in cyber security consulting and internal risk management roles for a range of leading global firms.

Hunted's Cyber lead Jason Edelstein stands subtly smiling in blue business shirt with wrist watch, hands clasped on a dark background
Cyber lead Jason Edelstein. Photo: Network 10

He joins Hunted from leading cyber security firm CyberCX, where, as Executive Director of Security Testing and Assurance, he leads a 140-strong team, the largest team of its type in the Asia Pacific.

Jason and his talented team of open-source analysts, ethical hackers and digital forensic specialists will be essential as the hunt for the Fugitives' moves into the digital landscape.

Dr Karla Lopez - Forensic Psychologist

Primed to reach inside the Fugitives’ minds to drill down into their motivations, strengths and weaknesses, Doctor of Forensic Psychology, Karla Lopez, joins the Hunted HQ team, helping them anticipate the Fugitives’ next moves and track them down.

Hunted's Forensic Psychologist Dr Karla Lopez stands in dark floral dress one hand on hip in dark room
Forensic Psychologist Dr Karla Lopez. Photo: Network 10

Karla has held senior psychologist roles within correctional, community health, prison and policing settings, including work for the Department of Justice and Victoria Police.

Karla will bring a unique perspective to the intelligence gathered at Hunted HQ sharing insights that will take the investigation in brand new directions.

Graeme Simpfendorfer - Lead Investigator

Recently retired Victoria Police Detective Sergeant Graeme Simpfendorfer brings his nuanced skillset to Hunted HQ, with 27 years of policing experience under his belt from metropolitan Melbourne and regional North-East Victoria.

Used to dealing with highly stressful and dynamic situations throughout his career, Graeme’s work has spanned day-to-day policing, all the way through to the investigation, arrest and successful prosecution of armed robbery and homicide suspects.

Hunted Lead investigator Graeme Simpfendorfer stands in a dark room with arms crossed in navy suit, blue shirt and red tie
Lead investigator Graeme Simpfendorfer. Photo: Network 10

Calm and analytical by nature, Graeme has worked in the Homicide Squad, Drug Units, on Armed crime taskforces and with Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Units through a highly-decorated and dedicated career.

Serving as Deputy Mayor for the City of Wodonga in regional Victoria, Graeme also runs an investigative consultancy.

On Hunted, expect Graeme to lead his team of intel analysts and officers to an exacting standard to ensure no stone is left unturned in pursuit of the Fugitives.

Kerri Collins - Lead Intel Analyst

Kerri Collins brings over 24 years of experience as a senior intelligence professional in both law enforcement and private sectors, joining the team as Lead Intel Analyst on Hunted.

Hunted Lead Intel Analyst Kerri Collins stands hands on hips in black pants and white blouse in a dark room
Lead Intel Analyst Kerri Collins. Photo: Network 10

Experienced in working collaboratively with state and Commonwealth agencies and having undertaken two significant international deployments, Kerri spent 13 years with the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission and was also an inaugural civilian criminal analyst for the Queensland Police Service in 1997.

Kerri’s exemplary analytical skills will bring an expert lens to the crucial function of intelligence gathering at Hunted HQ, following all leads closely to track and capture the Fugitives.

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